Stashbusting Report

7 yards used this week.  Yeah! finally a bit more progress.  It was all for backings and bindings on the quilts I finished from the Crate.

So grand totals YTD are 92 yards used, 34.25 purchased and net busted 57.75.  And even better, four projects are quilted and bound that would have otherwise been lingering and waiting to be finished.

My multicolored scarf that I have been working on mostly during the bus ride to work is nearly finished.  I just have to bind off the ends.  I have to remember to bring home the blocking wires I had shipped to the office so I can try them out on the scarf.

Now I have a very important mission — just what knitting projects will I take on vacation.  I’ve got a pile of patterns to dig through and pick a couple out and then go see what yarns I have to go with them.  For sure I have to take my Camp Loopy 2 project – cabled mittens – along but those shouldn’t take long to make.

One of the things I’m thinking about taking along to work on (which I might actually start on this evening since I’m anxious to see how it works) is this scarf.  

Very unusual stitich but the trick will be finding the right yarn in the stash to use for it.  I’m not sure I have anything heavier than sock yarn so wil probably use that — maybe two colors together again like the last scarf.  I like the mystery of not really knowing how the two color yarn ones (one multicolor and one plainer to coordinate) will turn out.  So far, I’ve loved them all.