Sweater is done!

My “Feburary Lady Sweater” – seach Ravelry for the pattern – is done.  I finished burying ends tonight so I can block it this weekend and then I just have to find the right buttons for it.  Just in time since I want to see if it fits Mom and they will be arriving on Wednesday.  I like the way it turned out even if the left and right side top look a bit different because of the way the yarn stripes.  I want to make another one for me in a solid yarn which will make the lacy design on the bottom show much better but need to make some notes now so I don’t forget where I want to make changes to the original pattern.

My multicolored scarf is getting near the end too – just need to decide who much longer I want to make it but it’s close to done.

So now I just have to figure out what projects I want to take on vacation with me to the cabin.  My yarn for the second Camp Loopy project is here, just need to wind it and pull the needles I need for that project – cabled mittens.  Then look though the yarn and see what other projects I might want to take along.  My Nook Book is loaded with some new books to read so I’ll be all set to sit and relax.  I was going to take my featherweight along and a quilt to work on but don’t feel like packing all the stuff I’ll need so will stick to the knitting, reading, and take the lap top along and see what new pattern Ideas I can dream up in the woods.  Plus I may have a new Hoffman design to work on by then too so plenty to keep me busy.. if I want to be busy. 🙂

The bathroom is the one room that hasn’t gotten it’s belated spring cleaning yet so tomorrow I’ll empty the cabinets and clean them out, wash the fabric shower curtain since I have a new plastic liner to put up – boring stuff like that.  And start my list of stuff to remember to pack for vacation.  The weather is supposed to be nice most of the weekend so I might squeeze in some sipping coffee on the patio time as well.