Happy 4th of July!


A safe holiday to you all.  And to those in the service and in harms way, a prayer for safety for you all and your families and for those who have sacrificed to protect our freedom.

I’ve been busy working on some designs in EQ and just realized it IS actully the 4th now (after 1 a.m.) and in the neighborhood here was some early celebration going on a few hours ago as I could hear fireworks being shot off.

And what was I working on – not this one,  This is one I drew a while ago but haven’t done anything with yet but I like the way it sort of resembles the flag.

I was busy working on the July Granny’s Hankie block and also the July Year of Wallhanging project which have taken several hours to finalize and load. 

I made a few changes to the July Year of Wallhanging from the blog post yesterday – I like this one much better.

I call it “Fudgsicle Please!” – my favorite ice cream treat.  I added in another tasty treat compared to the prior image and rearranged the salt water taffy border.  I’m going to be busy and on vacation for a while in July so both this design and the new Granny’s Hankie block have already been loaded to box.net (with a minimum of swearing) and are now available for download.  The June designs are still up and will be removed the end of the month, and the July designs will remain up until the August ones are loaded.

Now to go put my feet up and knit for a while before I finally head off to bed.


7 comments on “Happy 4th of July!

      • I think it was warm but I was at work in A/C, so I couldn’t tell! It is nice tonight when I got home and, so far, no one has blown anything off. Not a bad 4th!

  1. Dices que los patrones los subes a tu página el primer sábado de mes…. y donde lo veo…. dime algo por favor…. veo los quilts, pero no los patrones

    • The patterns for Granny’s Hankie and the Year of Wallhanging designs are on a separate page. Click the buttons in the right side bar or go to the specific pages listed for each below the buttons in the right sidebar.

  2. Have a fun 4th, Denise! The July wallhanging looks scrumptious! Thank you for posting the designs early. Have a wonderful vacation! Interesting flag design – very unique – looks great!

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