Stashbusting report

Now a huge amount but 4 yards used this week – backing and bindings and sashing for another  project.   85 yards used YTD, 34.25 purchased for a net busted of 50.75.  At least I’m a head of the game, using more than I’ve purchased.  Hope to have slightly better numbers next weekend if I get the sewing done I plan to do this weekend.

On my quest to quilt the Quilts from the Crate , project #2 is done.  I can’t show you the center of this one yet — you’ll just have to wonder what it is for the time being. 🙂

 My sewing machine and it’s tension were cooperating nicely last night  when I was quilting it so I really like the way it turned out. I used a couple different threads – a King Tut variegated one in the long pointy triangles, Bottom Line yellow in the yellow pieces, and Prym-Dritz nylon in the rest with the Bottom line for the bobbin of all.  Of the various invisible threads I’ve used I really like the Prym-Dritz – its a softer feel and not as shiney as some when quilted and with the Bottom Line on the bobbin – no little peek throughs of the bobbin thread on the top.  I also forgot about how easy it is to get something quilted when you don’t have to remove pins as you go along.  I used Dritz Spray Adhesive to layer this one — works great and no odor or sticky residue as you’re quilting.  I’ve tried several spray adhesives but this is the best I’ve come across so far.

Got most of the cleaning in the kitchen and living room done yesterday except for some final dusting and sorting the knitting projects basket.  But today I’m taking the day off  “work”.  Spent the moring sitting on the patio sipping coffee and handstitching the binding on this wallhanging.  So now to pull out another top to layer.


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