Quilts from the Crate — No. 3 quilted

I pulled this quilt from the Crate, got it layered and quilted it this afternoon.  It will go in the MOH (Mission of Hope) pile — quilts that go to Battered Women and Children shelters.  This one I actually used the spray adhesive on too tho it’s a bit larger than ones I usually spray.  But not bad to work with if I use the design wall to do it.   Put the backing up on the design wall, spray it, smooth the batting in place, spray again, and smooth the top.  All out of spray now so I’ll have to resort to pin basting on the next one.  This one I did use poly batting in since I didn’t have any cotton left that was big enough and I can say, using the spray is on cotton is much easier than poly. The binding is attached – but still flipped backward onto the front of the quilt.  Tonight I’ll get it pinned in place and start stitching.  The binding was just some I had premade left over from another project since I was too lazy to cut new stuff for this one.  But with all the bright colors in the quilt – it will work.

I also was drawing up the July Year of Wallhanging design.  I decided to use some blocks similar to my frozen treats quilt I had been previously drawn.  So here’s your sneak peak so you can start planning what fabrics to use.  This is another one where scraps from your stash will come in handy.

 I haven’t decided which layout I like best but you could easily do either one since they both contain the same style blocks – just different numbers of them.  The salt water taffy blocks in the border definitely remind me of summer vacations – which seems to be the only time I really ate it – when we found it in some little touristy place along our travels.  I must confess tho, the fudgesicle in the upper corner is my favorite frozen treat and always has been.


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    • Cooling you off or maybe dripping – you may need to add some ice cream “drips” down the quilt. 🙂

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