Another hot one

Not was bad as yesterday – the humidity has gone down slightly – but still another roasty, toasty day outside.  I went out long enough to dump some water in the birdbath for the birds but that was about it.  Just as well it’s yucky out since I’ve got a bunch of indoor stuff I need to get done.  I did snap this photo when I was out there tho.

  These tiger lillys were transplanted from somewhere else in the apartment complex last year to this spot – where only scrubby grass and weeds grew. I didn’t know that they would survive there since so much snow and salt gets piled on them in the winter when the sidewalks are snowblown but apparently they like it there.  They were all closed yesterday and with the heat and humidity they are popping open like crazy.  There’s tons of closed buds on them.

On another note, I just have to say, if you’ve never shopped the Loopy Ewe for yarn – their customer service is outstanding.  Yesterday when I placed my order for the Camp Loopy project 2, I goofed and didn’t turn off the option apparently to stop it from using my credit (you earn towards a gift card credit sort of like places that have punch cards).  Well, I didn’t want to use the credit since I can earn extra towards the next credit  as part of Camp Loopy and I wouldn’t have been eligible for the prize if I complete all three Camp Loopy projects.  So I added a note to the order afterward telling them of my goof and today had an email correcting it all to the way it should be.  Doesn’t get much better than that!  Thanks Sheri and the Loopy elves!  I also listed the wrong color of yarn I bought yesterday — not Verde (greenish) – that was one I liked too and am thinking bout for a future project, but I ended up ordering Garden Gate – must have bought the last once since I don’t see an image of it anymore and it’s now out of stock.  But its’ a pretty gray shade that will go well with my purply and gray winter coat, the solid gray winter coat and even my pumpkin colored one. 🙂  And I’ll have a new pair of mittens when the snow starts to fly – which despite the latest heat wave I hope is a long, long time off!

Time to get off the computer and back to work.  I have accomplished quite a bit so far today.  Laundry done, rewrite for Hoffman pattern  which I worked on last night and finished off this morning is done and I just need to email that yet, and the living room furniture is finally rearranged so just have to finish off the cleaning in there — part of which is sorting through and straightening out a large basket that has caught all the knitting projects in progress that I haven’t finished off yet and gathering up all the knitting needles scattered about.  I’m hoping (tho am losing momentum) to get most of the cleaning finished today so I can sew the next two days. 🙂  Perhaps one of those rice krispie bars on my kitchen counter will give a bit of a sugar rush to keep going!