I’m melting…melting….

It’s way too hot for Wisconsin. Heat index was over 100. It’s so humid it’s like walking into a sauna.  A friend picked me up from work (whew! didn’t have to stand out in the heat and wait for the bus) but even walking in and out of the restaurant, then the books store, and then the grocery store made me glad to come hibernate back inside. 

I totally forgot until yesterday it was  three day weekend! So extra bonus.  The living room will finally get cleaned along with the kitchen. And hopefully everything will then be back in its rightful place.

The next Camp Loopy project was posted today.  We can choose either socks or mittens or gloves and they must have a cable design in them.  I ordered this yarn, Malabrigdo in Verdes, a worsted weight to make the Ramble On mittens.  I little bit different than a plain cable.   You can never have too many warm mittens for winters here.  It should arrive in time for me to take up up to the cabin when I go on vacation and knit them up there.  

 I also ordered this pattern – a very pretty cable and feather design made from sock yarn.  Tho I doubt I’ll bead it, it’s still a pretty design even without the beads.

In the meantime, my scarf is coming along nicely

 although a bit curly looking in this photo.  But a bit of blocking will fix that I can finally try out my blocking wires.

This weekend, other than the final cleaning to be done, I hope to get the last of the sleeve finished on the sweater I’m making so I can block it next week – ready for my Mom to try on when I see her.  And here’s another quilt (wallhanging actually) wating to be quilted.    But first I’ve got to do a bit of a rewrite on a Hoffman pattern.  They ended up not printing the full line that I had used in the desing so need to adjust the directions to take out the fabrics not used and substitute in the others.  Found the disk so that’s half the battle so shouldn’t take too long to make the adjustments and I can get back to other projects.  But for the rest of tonight I may just go sit and knit and plan my attack of how I want to rearrange the living room.