Cleaning done!

Well at least the sewing room is other than a final vacuum.  The living room – well while cleaning the closets, the bedroom and sewing room, everything that wasn’t in it’s rightful place/room, has temporarily found it’s way to my dining table and breakfast bar so the kitchen/living room look horrible.  But I’m not worrying about that tonight.

  See I told you there was a step stool under that landslide!  Landslide put away, I moved the shelving unit that was there to a differnt corner and it’s all tidied, and stacked the wooden crates for the tv.  Note the bonus HSTs are not on the design wall anymore.  The table is cleared and I’ve started squaring them up — dang forgot I hadn’t done that yet.

I had a stack of quilt tops that I had pulled from the UFO boxes, and some recent ones I finished, that I’d love to see quilted since most are for charity quilts.

In my cleaning I found I have three 9.5″ square Omnigrid rulers.  It’s one of my favorite sizes.  I bought a new one since the edges of mine were getting a bit worn down from all the years of use.  Then I bought a pack of them in multiple sizes which included another.  So how would you like to win a new 9.5″ square ruler?  All you have to do is post a comment with a guess as to how many projects will fit in that wooden crate.  I’ve got a few more to put in there yet.  I’ll set up a separate page where I’ll post them as I finish them.  This will not be an instant gratification prize — you have to wait until I finish them (so I may have worn out that new ruler too and need to buy another for the prize) 🙂   I didn’t count them as I put them in there so I don’t have a clue how many there are or when I’ll get them all finished.  My goal is to have this particular stack (since there are tons more in the closet) done by my birthday next year – end of July.  That doesn’t mean I  won’t be making new quilts or quilting others that aren’t in this stack, they just won’t be counted as part of these.  So a challenge to myself to see if I can get them all quilted in a year, a month and 3 days. 🙂  So the countdown is on.  I’m going to try to quilt them in the order they are stacked once I add the extras in (gosh I hope I didn’t put all the larger ones on the top of the stack!)   

So post your guess of the total number I’ll end up putting in there (don’t bother to try to count them since you can’t see all of them that are in there and don’t know how many more I can squash on top) 🙂    It’s all in just good fun and you can cheer me along in reaching my goal.  Suffice it to say, your guess should be more than 20.  Only the guess/comments posted between now and midnight tomorrow (Sunday) will be included in the game.  If more than once person guesses the number, their names will be put in a hat and a winner drawn.

So now off to run an errand and maybe, just maybe when I get back I’ll search for some backing for the first one to get layered. 😉


 – who may now be regretting putting this challenge to herself in writing!

33 comments on “Cleaning done!

  1. Wow, and I thought I had lots of tops – you beat me by a mile LOL
    I’m thinking 33 fit in there
    Gerda in Alberta

    • Gerda – that’s only a drop in the bucket – there are two storage tubs full of tops not included in that pile. 🙂

  2. Hmm, I guessed 32 since I know you are prolific but that is already taken. I’ll go with 29. That should keep you occupied!

  3. I’m guessing 32. What a challenge for yourself! Good luck getting them finished!

    Hmmm…maybe I should try to do the same (hahaha – like I could finish that many in a year!)

  4. I am going to say 27….no particular reason for thaat number. I wish that I could do something to jump start myself to get some projects done….I hope that this keeps you going!!

  5. Oppps someone already has 27 so change to 40. Sorry about that didn’t see all the post.

  6. Oh how about an even number of 36, that gives you 3 to finish every month.. now I need to dig out mine and see what my number could be.

  7. My guess is 34. I actually wouldn’t mind being 34 again. I was 47 pounds lighter, didn’t know the meaning of the words arthritis, cellulite or exhaustion, and my behind didn’t wiggle like jelly when I walked. Thirty four is a beautiful number.

  8. I’d guess that there are 35 quilts. And no matter how many there are that’s alot of quilts to get quilted in a year

  9. I am going to guess 37. I do hope this wood doesn’t yellow your fabric. I have seen that happen and worry about storing in wood.

    • I have always stored my fabrics on wooden shelves and had quilt tops in those crates and never had it affect the fabrics.

  10. My guess will be 28. Don’t think that is taken. I have no idea how many TBQ tops I have. I do know at least half of them are queen size or larger. That is too big for me to handle on the machine so someday will have to go to the LAQ. I may be the one that dies with the most tops needing to be quilted hehehe.

    • I could give you a run for your money — there are two additional storage tubs in the closet of finished tops. 🙂 I procastinate on the large ones and tend to focus on the somewhat smaller quilts first but eventually (I hope) I’ll work my way through those too.

  11. I would say that you can get 35 projects in that wooden crate. Looks like you have your work cut out for you Denise. Just think of the satisfaction you’ll have when they are all completed. I’m betting you finish them BEFORE your birthday next year.

    All the best,
    Terri at the Drake’s Nest in Ossineke, MI

  12. So, Denise, how many tops WERE in that crate??? I haven’t seen your answer (unless I somehow missed it??)
    But my goodness, you are quick at finishing!!! Three done out of it already! Wow!
    Gerda in Alberta

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