Sweater Progress

I’m getting there – one sleeve is nearly finished and then just the other to go.  I think this one might fit Mom – will have to wait and see when they come to visiting next month.  But I now have  a good idea where I want to make adjustments to the pattern to get it to fit me the way I want.   Like for instance when you line up the raglan sleeve seams (not really seams but where the increases are on both sides) the front is not wide enough to button with an overlap.  The edges just barely meet when laid.  I guess if you were flat chested it wouldn’t be too much of an issue but there definitely needs to be more stitches in the front sides of the sweater for my tastes to allow for the overlap.  Plus I want to make the bottom part more A-line or even like there’s a few gathers below the bust rather than straight up and down.  I know it’s designed for the bottom to hang open but I don’t like the ones that pull open in the  front making it look like it’s too small  – it might look okay on a skinny minnie person – which I am definitely not – but I prefer them to hang like they could button all the way down the front  if there were buttons there so a bit more floomy (highly technical knitting term) 🙂 on the bottom. But all those should be easy to do since it’s a really basic design that will lend itself easily to the changes.  I also think I’ll decrease the garter stitch area up the front so its only about half as wide.  The sleeves have been a little bit slower going but only because I don’t have a small circular needle the right size so have to do it on double points, and the yarn does not like to slide very easily across that wood.  Metal needles is definitely way to go with this yarn.  But I think I’ll add another inch or so to the sleeve and then add the garter edging so they’ll be maybe elbow length.

This weekend I hope to tackle the cleaning of the sewing room and maybe finally get the living room furniture rearranged.  My “spring cleaning” has dragged itself into “summer cleaning” but it was time for a good clear out of all the closets and cabinets and it will be nice when it’s all done.  But for tonight I think I’ll just contemplate my plan of attack for tomorrow and sit and knit instead.  I’d love to get this sweater finished off this weekend since we’re supposed to have a few nonhumid days which would be good for getting it blocked.