Not much to report

Nothing to exciting going on here.  I found two boxes stuffed back in a closet shelf that I hadn’t opened since I moved here several years ago.  I’ve been cleaning those out – photos – frames (some the worse for wear so hit the trash) and other odd junk to toss out since clearly I don’t need it.  Tonight tho I think I’ll give myself a break from the cleaning out and sit and knit the night away.  I’m anxious to get the sweater long enough so I can get started on the sleeves and get it finished.  I want to have it done before I see my parents next month since I want to see if Mom wants one and have her try it on to figure out how much smaller I need to make it for her.

I did do a bit of pattern shopping on line and bought another simple sweater – very plain with short sleeves that would be good under a jacket, along with two shawl patterns.   I like the unique shapping and the lacy edge is gorgeous.  Also go another called Romantica by the same designer.

and this one which is gorgeous and may be my next project.  Love the edging.

So off to knit for a while.


and this one