Sunday Stuff

I just realized it’s stashbusting reporting day.  Well heck – I have nothing to report.  No sewing, no shopping… that’s no fun at all.  Maybe by  next week I’ll stop being stagnant and get something accomplished on the quilting front.

I did get my Camp Loopy project completed.

  The flower scarf – done in two colors.  And even well ahead of schedule but it was a pretty quick and easy project (except that first flower I knit which was a total fiasco!).  The crocheted one is much better.  Can’t wait until next month to see what we do then.  In the meantime, I’m back to knitting on my sweater.

Most of today was spent finally finishing the clean out of the bedroom.  Bag of shoes and clothes for donation, others to trash, all the things stored in the closet moved, rearranged, etc.  All the furniture rearranged since my bed was right under the ceiling airconditioning vent, and major dust bunnies vacuumed from corners where they were setting up their own little colonies. 🙂  Mattress flipped (try that by yourself!) and all is back in order and looking lovely.  And lots of running back and forth to change laundry loads. WHEW!

Then I did do a bit of playing in EQ – finishing off the June Year of Wallhanging design which is now available to download.  It’s one I had actually made a few years ago.  And wrote up another sewing instruction for The Quilting Post ladies who are making Pinwheel Posies.  Then did a bit of playing with some older designs I came across as I was looking for the birthday design I used for June.  So tweaked on them a bit.   Don’t know if they will actually become quilts but it’s fun to just draw them and the images make great greeting card covers when printed out.

This one I call Dirt Devils.  The next two I just call Wierd.  🙂  I don’t know why I like them because they are just wierd but I think it’s the movement across the quilt that draws me to them.

Heck! It’s going on 8 pm.  Time to go make a sandwich and put my feet up!