Camp Loopy project

I finished off  the pieces for my Flower Scarf – my first Camp Loopy project. 

I put it on the the patio table this morning to block and dry.  The scarf section is edged with single crochet in the lighter pink to stabalize it.  The crocheted flower is done in both colors used together, and the ball closure is crocheted in just the pink and stuffed with some of the pink yarn. I was afraid if I stuffed it with fiberfill, it might poke out or show white through the stitches so just filled it with yarn.

Here’s a close up of the flower and ball button. I just made it up as I went along until I had increased enough stitches to make it ruffly and then added a single crochet sort of picot edging to it.  So once it’s dry I can add on the flower and the closure.

As I was knitting last night I did come up with a couple of ideas for the June wallhanging so as soon as I get some time to play in EQ, I can get going on drawing it so it should be ready for download sometime before next weekend I hope.

And look at these

  Don’t those berries look good – and they are – had some for breakfast.  I’ve now got them all slightly mushed with some sugar added — all ready to put on that angel food cake. 🙂  Some of them are destined for a baggie to stick in the freezer to enjoy later.

The sun is shining today – or at least trying really hard to – and not a bad day out so time to get busy around here.  Get that angel food cake in the oven while I clean up the kitchen  Hopefully the weather will hold since I’m already planning dinner tonight – chicken on the grill along with a tinfoil baggie of chopped up red potatoes and mushrooms — yumm a favorite summertime meal.


3 comments on “Camp Loopy project

  1. Denise, your scarf is lovely! You are so fortunate, I wish I could knit. Fresh strawberries and angel food cake, yummy! Enjoy your day!

    • Thanks. I like the way it turned out. I was lucky – my Mom started me knitting mittens when I was quite young.

  2. The scarf looks great. Will you model it? Your dinner sounds wonderful. Much better than the wheat chex I had after work! Ah, well, I like wheat chex, too. lol

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