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First – the June Year of Wallhanging design is going to be late and won’t be posted tomorrow.  No true inspiration has hit for it and I’ve simply not had time to figure out what to draw.  Hopefully this week inspiration will hit and I’ll have time to work on it.  If you subscribe to the block, I’ll post a blog message when it is ready so you will get notice of it.  If you don’t subscribe, then you’ll need to check back to see if it’s posted yet.  In any event, once it’s posted, it will remain up a full month’s time for download.

Tonight’s task – take care of strawberries.  A friend loves picking strawberries (silly woman) and was at the pick your own field this morning (the first day they opened) at 7: 15 a.m., picked 12 lbs of strawberries, and was home by 8:15.  Tonight she delivered to me just less than half (or so she says but it looks like a whole lot) so I’ve got berries to get cleaned and in the fridge.  Guess what I’ll be having for breakfast tomorrow, and lunch, and dinner, and there’s that angel food cake in the cupboard to make to put them on. 🙂  The ones in the store so far have been awful – don’t even smell like strawberries and have no flavor – but these have my whole kitchen smelling like berries. YUM.

I did also save the scarf project that I wasn’t like too much.  I redid the flower that goes onn it – crocheted it instead of knitting – and it turned out very cute.  I used both shades of the yarn I was working with together in the flower and it toned down that pink I didn’t care for and looks much better.  I also crocheted the pink ball that is the flower center that holds the scarf together.  I did that just in the pink and well, to me, it looks a bit like a nipple in the middle of that flower. 🙂  I think I may dig through Granny’s button tin that I have and see what kind of ball buttons are in there – I know there’s several different kinds so I may use that instead for the flower center.  I’d hate to have an X rated scarf.

No photos of my scarf or strawberry bounty right now – someone (me) left the camera on and killed the battery so it’s recharging.  Hope everyone enjoys the weekend – I have many “must do” things on my weekend list but I hope to get a little quilting or EQ time in somewhere along the way — between my bowls of berry eating!


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    • LOL – I know – that thought dawned on my later last night after I finished cleaning them all.

  1. well you could make Freezer Jam it is very good and stays for a long time there. Also makes good smoothies if you have some bananas and yogurt. Left overs can be frozen to make guilt free “ice cream” ,tasty treat for the hot evenings ahead.
    Enjoy all your strawberrys!!

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