Camp Loopy Project

Well my scarf is nearly the length it needs to be – just goes around the neck – so I made great progress last night.  I decided to stop and do the ruffly flower that will get attached to the front of it.  Holy smokes – talk about ruffly — too ruffly. It absolutely curls up into a ball.

See that pink ball curly ball – looks nothing like a flower. 🙂  It goes from 9 stitches to over 200 in just less than 10 rows so that’s a whole lot ‘o stitches curled up in there.  The original scarf on the pattern was made in a much softer drapier yarn so their flower looks lovely and you can actually see the center of it.  They even suggest steaming it a bit if it’s laying too flat – I certainly don’t have that issue. LOL

 Then there’s the colors I chose – my computer monitor made them look a bit closer in shade so I’m not thrilled with them but decided to soldier on anyway.   I wanted to knit with a color I don’t usually do — when I quilt, I don’t like pink and there’s never any of it in my stash except when I make quilts for Komen Fund raisers.  I don’t wear pink.    I don’t mind the scarf color – it leans toward the more coral shades of pink but that flower is definitely pink.  Note to self – you hate pink, don’t use it for anything. 🙂

When the scarf is done it gets a crocheted edging  to stabalize it – which it definitely needs since the fisherman’s rib is so stretchy – and that I will do in the pink.  Then I think I will ditch that ruffly so called flower mess I made and crochet  a flower instead where I can control how full it gets  using the two yarns together.  And probably crochet, rather than knit, the ball button that goes through the center of the flower and holds the scarf together.  It will me much easier to crochet than knit.

I hate it when things don’t turn out the way I think they should but I’m definitely not enamoured with this project — but it’s due to   bad choices on my part — hopefully they won’t send me to remedial Camp Loopy. 🙂   Let’s hope I get it together better for projects 2 and 3! But I’ll get it done – someone in the family will lay claim to it and it will have a good home.  Just don’t look for me to be wearing pink!