Stashbusting Report – June 12

There has been a decided lack of sewing here the last two weeks but I did finally catch up on the stash report adding in the fabrics purchased a week or 3 ago and used during that time period.   YTD – 34.25 yards purchased, 80 yards used; net busted 40.75.  Need to get in some major sewing time but have been busy  with other things or finishing tops in progress.

I have been doing some playing in EQ off and on.  Here’s some of the designs I’ve been working on – most of which aren’t in finished form yet.

  I started out with this block and went set together, like the secondary design it makes.


Okay let’s try this again since half this entry disappeared when I posted it.


Here’s the same block with just a few color changes.




And here’s Rose Garden – most of these don’t have any borders on them yet.



And what do you get with this rather plain looking block?


When it’s set together, you get Starburst.


This may be the next one I start sewing on.  Despite it’s look, only 30 HSTs in the entire quilt – I like that!

In the meantime, several more inches added to the sweater last night – it’s starting to look like something.

It looks like a lovely day outside  – the sun is actually shining – so if it’s not too cool and windy, I may just take my cup of coffee and knitting out to the patio and wait for the washer to finish its load.


9 comments on “Stashbusting Report – June 12

    • Thanks Connie – I think the Starburst is my favorite and will get moved up the list of quilts I want to make once I track down the fabrics I want to use.

    • Thanks Melanie. And yes – been knitting up a storm especially since now I have a project that has a deadline.

  1. Oooohhhh…..what temptation looming in this post of yours! The 2nd one made me think…”Oh, SOMEDAY!”, and then the last one popped on the screen….LOVELY as well!

    • Thanks Amy – that’s the problem – too many quilts to make and not enough time. 🙂

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