Woven Ribbons

Here’s the Woven Ribbons quilt all finished and ready for the auction.  I can’t wait to get started on a second one for me. I think I’ll make it larger to fit my bed.

Now, what’s wrong with this picture of the design wall?

  Hmm the quilt that was on the wall is now laying on top of the tv in the lower left of photo and there seems to be pieces missing from what’s left on the wall.  A gust of wind in the window has rearranged my design wall – not for the better.  So I have to go stick things back up there.  In the meantime I came up with a plan for those pieces that are left up on the wall.  I’m going to add a section to each block of it’s respective middle fabric to make them more elongated.  And then set them together like this.

 Reminds me of stained glass church windows.

I’ve been busy reclaiming the bedroom floor – washing summer clothes that had been in storage to get rid of their wrinkled mess, bagging up clothes to go for donation, some to just toss, and finishing straightening out the closet.  All that between changing wash loads, folding, made some german potato salad for dinner to to with a pork roast – yumm – and even knit a few rows on my sweater.  Even tho a lot of running back and forth between laundry, bedroom and kitchen, a very low key day. 

 Also found hanks of yarn stashed in various places so got some of them wound into balls ready to go when I want them — some I had forgotten about so like getting new yarn all over again!

Now I just need to write up a few cutting directions for a project and I can go back to my knitting.





Stashbusting Report – June 12

There has been a decided lack of sewing here the last two weeks but I did finally catch up on the stash report adding in the fabrics purchased a week or 3 ago and used during that time period.   YTD – 34.25 yards purchased, 80 yards used; net busted 40.75.  Need to get in some major sewing time but have been busy  with other things or finishing tops in progress.

I have been doing some playing in EQ off and on.  Here’s some of the designs I’ve been working on – most of which aren’t in finished form yet.

  I started out with this block and went set together, like the secondary design it makes.


Okay let’s try this again since half this entry disappeared when I posted it.


Here’s the same block with just a few color changes.




And here’s Rose Garden – most of these don’t have any borders on them yet.



And what do you get with this rather plain looking block?


When it’s set together, you get Starburst.


This may be the next one I start sewing on.  Despite it’s look, only 30 HSTs in the entire quilt – I like that!

In the meantime, several more inches added to the sweater last night – it’s starting to look like something.

It looks like a lovely day outside  – the sun is actually shining – so if it’s not too cool and windy, I may just take my cup of coffee and knitting out to the patio and wait for the washer to finish its load.