Yarn arrivals

I’m all set for Camp Loopy.  My yarn order arrived yesterday.

The colors are Vintage Rose and Cerise.  We don’t start knitting until the 15th so I’ve got time to get it balled and find the right size needles in my stockpile somewhere.


Then today, another surprise package.  I had forgotten that there was a skein of Poems sock on backorder from last time I ordered from Webs.





Isn’t that a pretty color combination! It think it may need to be a scarf – a splash of color to go over one of my plain colored sweaters this winter.

A bit more work has been done on the February Lady Sweater – I’m now at the point where I’m just starting the lacy pattern and have to move the sleeve stitches to scrap yarn while I work on the body.

  After two days of 98 and very humid, Wednesday we had one heck of a storm.  Tornado sirens going off forever, the power went out before there was even a hint of rain, wind or hail — all of which followed not long after the power went out. I haven’t seen it hail like that in ages (well I actually couldn’t see the hail because between the power being out and it having turned black as mightnight out at 8 pm from the storm, I could only hear it pinging around off of everything.  One ceramic flowerpot that was empty on my deck suffered – found it cracked in half.  Luckily now other immediate damage which was lucky since just a couple blocks away they had lots of trees down.  We got several inches of rain in less than an hour and streets were flooded.  I was lucky though – 8000 homes in the county without power but  mine came back on an hour and a half after it went out.  And the temps plummeted in 15 minutes from 98 to 65.   So now we’re back to 60s and rain and gloom but that’s way better than 98 and humid any day!

Hopefully I’ll get to some sewing this weekend. I never did get the cleaning finished last weekend so need to work a bit on that but hope to get my Pinwheel Posey borders on and I need to write up some instructions for the center of it since The Quilting Post gals will be making it as a special list anniversary project.  And again I forgot to take my camera in to the office to take a picture of the cupcake quilt so have to remember it Monday when I deliver the other quilt for the auction.  Then all my current projects with deadlines will be finished!   And I also need to get the next Granny’s Hankie block ready to post and figure out what the June year of wallhangings project will be – haven’t thought on that yet.   But for tonight – I’ll just be sittin’ and knittin’.