Design Wall Monday

Nothing new to show you on the design wall today.  It looks the same as last weekend since I spent most of this weekend cleaning (or shopping). 🙂 

Tho the horror of the cleaning is I’m not done but have the closet in my bedroom ripped apart and piles of  clothes everywhere.  A pile to toss out, a pile to donate, a pile of wrinkly summer clothes I pulled out of the storage tubs that need to be washed in order to dewrinkle them, another pile to wash, quilts to wash and pack away.  There is very little floor space in there – – just piles.  The sewing room is none too tidy either (tho it’s been much worse) and I get an email from the gal at the apt management office that their lenders need to do an inspection of a couple apartments and they picked mine as one of them – only would take 5 minutes and she’d be taking them around.  Now I didn’t see the email until after they were probably already there so I couldn’t prewarn them of the disaster.  I hate having people walk in and think – what a slob!!  She just laughed when I emailed her hoping they were able to find their way out of the mess.  She said never fear, she’s seen far worse. I can imagine!  And she said she was busy admiring the quilts on my sewing room wall and the design wall. I know they ususally chose my apt for these inspections since it is usually clean and more importantly, we’re a pet friendly complex – lots and lots of dogs and cats – and since I don’t have a pet anymore they don’t have to worry about walking into a place with an uncrated maybe not so friendly dog or a cat to sneak out on them. Oh well, that’s what happens when someone stops by unexpectedly.   I asked her if she finished any of the cleaning for me while she was there – more laughter – so I guess that’s a no. 🙂

Didn’t get to any quilting over the weekend but did do some knitting on the February Lady Sweater.  It’s knit from the top down and I’m crusing along but of course this is the very easy parts – all garter stitch and increases.  Two buttonholes down and I’m nearly ready for the third which is the last since the bottom hangs open.

  Took this outside so the colors are actually correct.  I do really like this yarn and the stripey look.  Will I like the look of it as much when I get to the lacey part – only time will tell but it’s going to make a sweater that feels great on the skin and a good weight for spring and summer – cotton and silk blend.

And since I don’t have enough projects started (yeah right), I’m going to join in Camp Loopy over at the Loopy Ewe.  I’ve got to get my yarn ordered tonight and the first project is a cape, scarf or shawl knit with two colors.  Since I’ve already got a shawl in the works, and this sweater going (along with a bunch of long winter scarfs half done) I decided to opt for what should be a cute quicky scarf.   Its the Flower Scarf by Robyn Diliberto.

Now I just need to make my final color decisions.  The flower will be one color, the rest of the scarf another.  I’ve been making mostly dark colored scarfs so time for something bright and springy.

Speaking of springy — the attack of the purple flowers have started.  I don’t remember what these are called – but they are a member of the mustard family and you see them along the roadsides all over here.  Usually they are purple and white ones but the white seemed to have disappeared.  They are washed out in the sunlight but they are actually a very pretty purple.  Pretty they are – smelly they definitely are. Smells like a perfume factory outside which wouldn’t be bad except they make me sneeze.  I’m hoping with the hot spell we’ve got 90 today and heat index of 100 tomorrow – that they die out quickly.



3 comments on “Design Wall Monday

  1. Like lots of things in life…things are worse before they get better. Your piles will soon disappear!

  2. Denise that is flox and you are right they do smell strong when all together like that. I can`t believe people buy them when they grow wild like this!!LOL
    I hope you get all your tasks done so you can get back to quilting. You are right once you start cleaning it just never stops!

    • Actually it looks like flox from a distance but it is Dame’s Rocket – I finally remembered the name.

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