A steamy night

No this is not the start of one of those heaving bosom romance novels (well it may be, but not what I meant in this case) — the steamy night is because we jumped to 90 degrees with a hot of humidity today and it seems to be hanging on and gotten more humid as it got dark.  Tornado watch boxes are up but looks like we shouldn’t even get any rain since the storms seem to be going around us.  I did finally have to kick on the air conditioner tho as the house was getting stuffy but it ususally stays pretty cool if it’s closed up.

I did arrive home to a package waiting at my door – the yarn I had ordered from Webs which I hadn’t excepted to see until next week.  One skein of sock yarn on back order which they had emailed me about, but the other two sock yarns and the yarn for a sweater arrived.

I’m going to have to try to get a photo of these outside (hmmmm or I could have used the bathroom photo studio) 🙂 because the photo is dark and doesn’t do the colors justice. The two on top are Poems Socks – wool and nylon – and I got them thinking more scarfs rather than socks.

The one on the bottom is Kudos by Plymouth Yarns and it’s cotton, silk and a little nylon.  The purples, grays, pinks and pale yellow in that one are so pretty.  I’ve changed my mind several times about what I want to use it for but have settled on the February Lady Sweater which you can see at www.flintknits.com on the free pattern page.  I love the lacy bottom on it.  I originally bought the yarn to make my Mom a sweater but I don’t know that I’ll be able to part with it so decided to make it for myself and then see if Mom likes the style and make her one.  So the first hank is now in a ball (not exactly a neat and tidy one since it flew off the ball winder mid wind and went sailing across the room – never a dull moment around here!). 🙂  And the neck edge is cast on and a couple rows knit.  Not that I didn’t have enough projects in progress to work on but heck, wha’ts one more.  Just had to come print out the button hole instructions so I can get back at it.

I also got  a sneak peek at the Let Sleeping Dogs Lie finished quilt that will be in Quiltmaker that they had someone stitch up since I didn’t have time to make due to other commitments.  Whoever made it did a great job and it turned out very cute.  They stayed pretty true to the colors I had plugged in from EQ when I drew it.  There’s one color I would change if it was me, but that’s only because it’s a shade of a color I don’t personally care for.  But it was great to actually see it sewn up so I’m anxiously awaiting it’s appearance in the magazine!

Now back to my knitting.