Eye Candy to view

Joanne in Canada sent a photo of her most recent Granny’s Hankie block finish

Isn’t it lovely.  It’s going to be  a pretty quilt.

And Janet P sent in a photo of her May Year of Wallhangings top.

  I love all the bright, clear colors.

Do I have either of thse projects done yet myself – heck no – I’ve fallen way behind working on other things.

My  Pinwheel Posies is still on the design wall while I’m trying to decide what borders to add to it.  I need to figure it out those if I plan to offer the Quilting Post gals a border option.  We’re going to make Pinwheel Posies as our special 12th birthday celebration – celebrating the birthday of our quilting group later this month.  If I don’t come up with something soon, they may be on their own to figure out what kind of borders they want to add. 🙂

I’ve been sidetracked the last couple of nights on a new knitting project.  With the large shawl I just finished and I’ve got another knit on in the works that is sort of slow going and too bulky to carry back and forth on the bus to work on, I decided I needed a smaller project and wasn’t in the sock making mood.  So since I liked the scarfs I made last Christmas using two different sock yarns together, I started another one – just changed to a different stitch pattern from the past ones I made.  Aren’t these yarns lovely together. I love the little hints of color.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the posey pattern with us. I love it. I don’t knit but enjoy seeing your knitted items and the way you make colors come together.

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