Who’d a thunk

that taking a photo to go with a quilt pattern would be so much of a ta do! 🙂  Seriously, they really don’t need to put my photo with it, I wouldn’t mind at all.  But after taking some myself – running back and forth from setting timer on camera to chair – and not getting decent ones, taking some at the office where it was too dark and still glare on the glasses, having a friend take some outside (and my hair sticking out and looking just plain bad), I decided to try once more after I colored my hair.  

So dried my hair, put on a little makeup and jewelry, changed clothes (well you can’t see the ratty cut off sweatpants I have on) LOL and I’m sure you will love my “photo studio.”   🙂

If you don’t have a camera tripod, I can rent you for a very nominal fee my hi-tech set up complete with the empty cardboard box and 5 hardcover books piled on top.  You may need to make adjustments if your bathroom counter is not as high as mine.

Yes I said bathroom… doesn’t your bathroom have the best lighting in it?  Mine does – everywhere else causes shadows or an off color cast.

I tossed a quilt over the shower curtain since I didn’t think my stripey shower curtain sticking out the bottom there would work too well – put the chair in there  – clearly when they put the toilet in they were not contemplating it being used as a photo studio since the toilet was just not in the right place to use for photo taking  (chair is not included in rental of box and book camera height adjuster package – it belonged to my great grandmother.  I could even have invited a friend since it’s a “two seater studio” with the chair in there.  So after many tries setting the timer, get back in chair, check photo, made adjustments and repeat, this is a photo that I don’t actually hate.  🙂   WHEW!

Which will end up getting cropped down to probably this

so I can now return to taking photos of quilts and knitting — much easier!! 🙂


22 comments on “Who’d a thunk

  1. Yes indeedy who’d a thunk it!!!! Lol, great story, I love the high tech camera tripod. The photo is lovely, you look so calm & relaxed & I can picture you running backwards & forwards between the chair & the camera to get the shot.

    • It would have been a very funny thing to have been watching me scurry back and forth.

    • Glad to give you your giggle of the day. 🙂 Mine were horrid too — early ones with horribly crooked teeth, then many years of photos with silver braces glinting out of them. Oh and let’s not forget the year my Mom set my hair in curlers and I have this incredibly poofy do!

  2. Very nice, Denise! I probably wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble but then, I am not having a pattern published, lol! You have a wonderfully inventive mind!

  3. I love your new picture!! Oh and the new hair do looks great!! Love your blog!!
    Does the camera come in the rental of the tripod+.

    • Sorry – no camera along with the hi tec tripod – you’re on your own with that.

  4. Thanks, for sharing. Love the new look. It is nice to have a face to go
    with the story. I’m sure it wasn’t as funny then as it is now.

    • Actually it was funny – I was telling my Mom on the phone about what I had been doing and she was laughing so hard – and she hasn’t heard the latest installment yet about the photo shoot in the bathroom. 🙂

  5. Great picture! Love the hair and the terrific setup! Who would have thunk? Now—-when we see the picture in the magazine ,we can remember the story behind it….LOL!

    Actually–you get points for thinking up the “tripod”—amazing what one can do when they are in a pinch!

  6. So glad you shared the set up and the results. Great picture with a pretty quilt in the back ground.

    • Thanks Peggy. That’s one of the quilt designs I did for Hoffman California Fabrics – Sand In My Shoes fabrics.

  7. I’m sure the people who see this photo with your quilt pattern will never guess that it wasn’t taken by a professional photographer. I wonder if you have discovered a secret that professionals are keeping from us. Since we all sound better singing in the shower, it only makes sense that we photograph best next to the toilet.

  8. You are too funny. Roflol. It got the job done though! I kind of like the whole photo. …not that you asked. 🙂

    • If you ever need your photo taken – just stop on by my bathroom studio. I’ll give you a great price break. 🙂

  9. I’ve been on vacation and just catching up on a couple of weeks of your blog. I feel like I am meeting you after seeing your photo. Funny story about getting the photo.

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