Stashbusting and Peer Pressure

No, the peer pressure has nothing to do with the stashbusting.  I’ve used a couple yards of fabric this week but will wait to figure out the totals when the Pinwheel Poseys top is done – which may be today if I get in gear here.  I was at the quilt shop yesterday but only because I was shopping for some quilty goodies for a friend who has a birthday in June.   And other than what I got for her, my only other purchase was a new Pigma Pen so I did good.

While making the Pinwheel Poseys, there are a couple seams where you sew a square on the diagonal, and then flip it open to create a 45 degree corner – if I sew an extra seamline before cutting off the excess pieces, I get left over HSTs about 2-1/4″ or so once they are squared up.  It’s a bit slower going sewing all those extra seams but well worth it.  I’ve made 8 posey blocks so far and look at all the leftover HSTs I got from them.

And there’s still some that haven’t been added in with this and more to make.  Don’t know how I’ll lay them out in the end but they will be fun to play with.

As for the peer pressure — I have sucumbed —yarn store sales add peer pressure — the worst kind!!  I have been resisting and resisting but I was looking to find a simple cardigan pattern to make for my Mom and settled on this one.  Then the peer presure came into play – opening the Webs sale email.  Their yarns sometimes have excellent sale prices where bargains abound.  And yes, I found a cotton/silk blend that I loved (and since she’s in Arizona should be a good choice) on sale.

It’s this yarn – color # 48 is what I got.  Hopefully it will knit up as pretty as I picture it in my mind. 🙂  I think it will be my project to take along to knit on when they come to visit and we head to a Northwoods cabin for a week or so.  And while I was at it, they had some lovely colored Poems sock yarn on sale – bright multicolored so I felt “pressured” into getting a couple of those.  Don’t know that they will end up as socks tho – I’m thinking scarfs with those perhaps.   I have now put the credit card away!! but oh I can’t wait to get those new yarns!

I finished the purple shawl I was crocheting and hmmmm – that bulky chenile like yarn weighs a ton when it’s crocheted into a nice long shawl so it’s got me wondering if the intended recipient will really like it.  It is lovely and so soft and would be great to snuggle in on the couch on a winter evening while watching tv but definitely not the light and airy type shawl you’d wear while out and about.  Lots of tails to bury and I want to add some fringe to the edges yet but not bad taking a project from start to near finished in just 4 days. 🙂


2 comments on “Stashbusting and Peer Pressure

  1. I love bonus HST’s, at least until it comes time to sew them together. lol

    I’ve heard yarn is quite addicting, but it doesn’t sound like you went overboard. I hope your mom likes her sweater.

    • Yes the bonus HSTs will be fun to play with an figure out what to do. I didn’t go too overboard buying yarn — it could have been worse — but there is a very healthy supply of sock yarn already here but what’s a few more.

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