Does she or doesn’t she?

Remember that old hair color commercial where they said that (at least I think it was hair dye) in any event, that’s what I’m doing at the moment.  Good thing there’s no web cam to see my dye laden hair piled on top of my head at the moment – a lovely sight I’m sure.  After I permed it last week, the gray was even more apparent (tho a couple of the gals at work thought it was highlighing I had done) ROFLOL.    So I’m squinting at the computer at the moment without my glasses.

The rest of today didn’t exactly go as planned.  I wanted to hit the sewing room and get the rest of the Pinwheel Poseys done.  I did go in the sewing room but I opened up EQ because I needed to come up with a project for The Quilting Post (an online group) to do in celebration of our 12th birthday — 12 years since the list was created by a friend which led to not only friendships on line but great quilting retreats to meet in person and solidify some of those friendships for life.   So I puttered and putzed with different ideas, discarded them, saved a few for later that weren’t what I wanted for this project.  Switched borders, recolored, switched more borders …. hours went by and no sewing was done and I had missed lunch and it was heading past dinner time too.  🙂   But in the end I came up with a design.  Whew!

Then finally some dinner and now the hair dyeing which I had planned to do much earlier in the day.  Good thing it’s a three day weekend so I can still get some of the stuff done I wanted to do!  Boring stuff – like a couple loads of laundry – did get done.  So tonight, top of my list is getting the binding hand stitched on the cupcake quilt for the auction so I can get both quilts delivered since the auction is just a couple weeks away.  Then probably back to the first shawl I was knitting and vegging in front of the tv — with plans to get in the sewing room and sew tomorrow!

3 comments on “Does she or doesn’t she?

  1. Oooooooo……… a design! Oops, I just thought of all those 1/2 square triangles you’ve been collecting. Oh no! I am really looking forward to the celebration!

    • Aha – but I’ve been a very tricky tricky gal– although the design looks like it has many HSTs in reality, Janet, there are only a grand total of 32 individual HSTs in the whole thing. Besides I knew it was time to give you another project to start working on. 🙂

      • Yes, yes, I might run out of things to do! And if there are only 32, I might be able to handle that.

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