More Pinwheel Poseys

Two more blocks are nearly finished – the two on the right – just have to sew the quarter sections together yet and more bonus HSTs from the left over corners that are trimmed off.  Still haven’t decided how I’ll use those but I’ve got another whole stack to press.  Three more blocks are cut and in various parts of assembly so I’ll just need to cut one more block  for this one.  Of the stack of fat quarters I picked up, I’m just one short to make all the main blocks so have to go digging in the stash for something to go with it.

The weather decided to turn a bit nicer early this evening.  A bit of sun, the wind died down, so I pulled out the grill and had my first grilled burger of the season. Delicious and I lucked out with the sweet corn and watermelon – both juicy and sweet.  And while that was cooking I managed to finally uncover the top of the breakfast bar that is the catch all for everything so at least there’s one corner of the apartment that’s tidy  – even cleaned out the fridge while I was at it. 🙂   Enough cleaning for one day.  So think I’ll cut a few more quilt pieces and press those HSTs and then go pop in a movie and work on my shawl for a while.