More Pinwheel Poseys

Two more blocks are nearly finished – the two on the right – just have to sew the quarter sections together yet and more bonus HSTs from the left over corners that are trimmed off.  Still haven’t decided how I’ll use those but I’ve got another whole stack to press.  Three more blocks are cut and in various parts of assembly so I’ll just need to cut one more block  for this one.  Of the stack of fat quarters I picked up, I’m just one short to make all the main blocks so have to go digging in the stash for something to go with it.

The weather decided to turn a bit nicer early this evening.  A bit of sun, the wind died down, so I pulled out the grill and had my first grilled burger of the season. Delicious and I lucked out with the sweet corn and watermelon – both juicy and sweet.  And while that was cooking I managed to finally uncover the top of the breakfast bar that is the catch all for everything so at least there’s one corner of the apartment that’s tidy  – even cleaned out the fridge while I was at it. 🙂   Enough cleaning for one day.  So think I’ll cut a few more quilt pieces and press those HSTs and then go pop in a movie and work on my shawl for a while.


Another gloomy day

Mother Nature does not care that it’s a 3-day weekend – it’s gloomy and rainy looking and cool but I guess it could be worse.  I’ve been busy knitting on a shawl, that will be a gift, the past couple nights.

I wish you could feel it.  It’s incredibly soft and feels similar to a thick chenille – I just can’t stop petting it.  It’s Patons Bohemiam and the color – is actually a subtle mix of purple and fuschia and it’s even more gorgeous in person.  I started out knitting a sort of open work shawl but the yarn is bulky so the design wasn’t really visible so why go to all that work if you can’t see it – plus it’s not the easiest to knit with so I decided on a simple double crocheted shawl.  You make great progress in no time since every row adds about an inch or more of length.  It will really be snuggly.

Went out for breakfast this morning with a friend, after having her take a photo of me that Quiltmaker needed for a pattern of mine they will be publishing.  I HATE having my photo taken.  Course that meant on Thursday night my long, scraggly, flat in dire need of something hair needed help.  I’d been procrastinating on perming it so pulled everything out and got busy.  Permed it, then took the scissors to it.  Yesterday  even curled, put some makeup on so I could have  one of gals at work try taking the photo for me but it was too dark in the office and my glasses kept glaring terribly in the flash.   So when I got home, I tried taking some myself.  Set the timer, run around, get in position… I finally gave up on that. – not working and even worse glare on the glasses.  So today had an outside shot taken – but my hair was barely dry and natural perm state (the scrunch and go look) so it looks a bit unruly.  I still don’t particular care for the photo but it’s the best it gets. LOL  There should be a sneak peak (just a block image) in the July/Aug issue of Quiltmaker for Let Sleeping Dogs Lie  and the pattern for the quilt will be in the issue after that.  (The sneak peak block is actually a block I stitched — I haven’t sewn my own version of the actual quilt yet) and then I’ve been getting the info ready today to send them for a second project that will be in the Nov/Dec issue.  So now that all that work is done, a quick clean up of the sewing table and I can get back to stitching on Posey Pinwheels.