Two blocks down – ?? to go

   I did decide to sort out the winter clothes before heading into the sewing room and now have all those packed away – or at least I think all of them since there always seems to be something I miss.  Still have to go through the two storage tubs of spring/summer clothes to see if it’s all keepers or if there’s stuff to clean out and get rid of but that will wait for another day.

Finally I got into the sewing room and here’s the first two Posey Pinwheel blocks I’ve got done.  So now that I now they are working out the way I planned I can layer up some fabrics and do some mass cutting rather than cutting out each block as I work on it — too slow that way.  First tho I have to decide how I want to pair up the batiks.  I haven’t decided how large I will make this quilt but now that I’ve shrunk the size of the blocks  I could add more blocks to the layout.

It has been one busy day with all the cooking, baking and cleaning.  Need to check to see if I put the last load from the washer into the dryer, clean up the dinner mess (spicy roasted potatos, steak and corn on the cob) yum a real meal for a change tho the corn was disappointing.  I’ll just have to wait a couple months till I can get it at the farmers’ market.  But think I’ll go check out the weather outside – and maybe sit out there to read before it gets too dark – I’ve got a new knitting mystery (actually two in a series  I picked up at the bookstore yesterday).  I started and finished the first yesterday so on to the next.  And then there’s that rhubarb dessert that I’d better taste test a bit later to make sure it’s okay to take into the office. 🙂  Cup of coffee, dessert and a book on the patio – can’t get much better than that to wind down the weekend.



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  1. I LOVE it! Are you going to offer the pattern????? I would love to use this to reduce some of my stash! he he – I usually end up buying more!

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