Two blocks down – ?? to go

   I did decide to sort out the winter clothes before heading into the sewing room and now have all those packed away – or at least I think all of them since there always seems to be something I miss.  Still have to go through the two storage tubs of spring/summer clothes to see if it’s all keepers or if there’s stuff to clean out and get rid of but that will wait for another day.

Finally I got into the sewing room and here’s the first two Posey Pinwheel blocks I’ve got done.  So now that I now they are working out the way I planned I can layer up some fabrics and do some mass cutting rather than cutting out each block as I work on it — too slow that way.  First tho I have to decide how I want to pair up the batiks.  I haven’t decided how large I will make this quilt but now that I’ve shrunk the size of the blocks  I could add more blocks to the layout.

It has been one busy day with all the cooking, baking and cleaning.  Need to check to see if I put the last load from the washer into the dryer, clean up the dinner mess (spicy roasted potatos, steak and corn on the cob) yum a real meal for a change tho the corn was disappointing.  I’ll just have to wait a couple months till I can get it at the farmers’ market.  But think I’ll go check out the weather outside – and maybe sit out there to read before it gets too dark – I’ve got a new knitting mystery (actually two in a series  I picked up at the bookstore yesterday).  I started and finished the first yesterday so on to the next.  And then there’s that rhubarb dessert that I’d better taste test a bit later to make sure it’s okay to take into the office. 🙂  Cup of coffee, dessert and a book on the patio – can’t get much better than that to wind down the weekend.


Stashbusting Report

Okay I admit it – I was at the fabric store yesterday and if you read yesterday’s post you saw what somehow leaped into my possession. (I know, you are gasping in shock – I can hardly believe it myself). 🙂  And dang, I earned another gift certificate to use at the shop so I’ll have to go back. Oh the horror of it all.

So…something like 23 fqs for the Posey Pinwheels, backing fabric for that one (couple of yards), another 2 yards or so that was the end of the bolt for my asian fabric quilt.  I’ll get it all tallied and added to the spreadsheet later.  Oh well that’s the way it goes some days.

   This is the peacock I bought yesterday.  Isn’t he cute.  His head and tail feathers bobb in the breeze.  I’m debating if I really want to leave him outside.  He looked rather good standing sentry duty inside next to my front door.  I love his little “jewel” decorations.  But for now he’ll stay outside.  He needs some flowers to bright things up around him but haven’t made my trip to the greenhouses yet for spring flowers – maybe next weekend.

So far today I haven’t gotten to any sewing but that is going to change soon.  I’ve been busy baking and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  Made some more orange chocolate chip scones, and then I had some rhubarba a coworker gave me to do something with.

  Lovely long thick stalks.  One of those stalks is more than a cup of rhubarb.  So I made a large pan of Ruby Razz Crunch — my favorite and a favorite of my coworkers – a rhubarb rasberry crisp with “crisp” on top and bottom for double the yumminess.  But still had some of the filling left over so mixed up some more crumb stuff and made a smaller pan I’ll stick in the freezer.   Then I had a bag of vidalia onions I had bought so have a batch of french onion soup simmering on the stove.   So much time has been spent messing up and cleaning up the kitchen but one final clean up, the crisp is nearly ready to come out of the oven, and the soup is nearly done simmering so I can get that in the fridge and freeze some (and maybe have a bit with a scone for a late lunch) and I can finally get to sewing.  

Never did get to cleaning out the closet but oh well – I resized the Posey Pinwheel block and figured out the the size of the pieces I need so I’m anxious to get a block made to see how it looks.  I have my priorities – and I’d better get busy.