A busy week

This week was a busy one – I can’t see my desk for the papers, boxes and files piled on and around it.  But hopefully next week I can get caught up.  But for now, I wont’ dwell on that mess but will concentrate on my mess at home.  I’ve got some cleaning planned for the weekend – maybe I need to clean the apartment since at this moment I can control that mess. 🙂  But time to break out the spring/summer clothes from their storage boxes and see what’s there and FINALLY pack away the winter clothes.  But tonight I straightened up the kitchen a bit – loaded the dishwasher and got it going, took care of the recycling, stopped for a few groceries on the way home, paid the bills – nothing too exciting but all stuff that needed to get done.

No sewing got done during most of the week – but I did buy a couple new yarns.  One a bulky one that is so incredibly soft – feels similar to chenille yarn but even softer.  But then discovered it won’t work for what I wanted it for — the pattern won’t show properly because of the fuzziness of the yarn.  I’m thinking  it will make a lovely soft and warm winter cowl (or two or three since I have a bit of it).    So off to the store again and this time found one I liked for the pattern I wanted to use  so have started on a shawl.  It takes forever to knit across a row because you cast on all the stitches along the top edge and then work towards the back bottom edge decreasing.  I’m also still working on the green cotton sweater – nearly ready to start the armhole decreases on the front.

Hopefully once the cleaning is done (or as done as I decide it will get for one weekend) 🙂 I hope to get back to the oriental quilt.  In the meantime, another design I’ve been playing with in EQ – drat another paperpieced one but it would be quicker to make that the other one at least.

This is the first version of it I did – I like it and it would be a good guy quilt done in these colors.

But then I played with it a bit more, coloring in other parts of the design a bit differently and I really like this one with the sort of flower petals of color that pop out but need to play with it a bit more since there’s a couple areas I would change yet.

Good grief – it’s 9 p.m. and once again the quilting elves have not made me dinner.  But I picked up some yummy looking croissants at the store so I think a turkey croissant sandwich will do.  So a bit of dinner and back to the shawl while I think about my plan of attack on tomorrow’s cleaning.