Two rows set


I’ve got the first two rows now set together.  And I think that’s enough sewing for this weekend – except I plan to do some hand stitiching tonight on a quilt binding after I find some dinner.

Rows are together

Here’s the vertical rows with their joining pieces all put together. 

Then, I opened up EQ to see what measurements I needed for the vertical pieced rows, wrote down the measurements and then went on to play with a design I had been fiddling with.  And fiddled some more so still haven’t gotten the vertical rows cut yet. 

Did I get all the things done I had planned for the weekend … no…but some on my list I did get to.  The blocks that were on the design wall previously are now a finished top.  I worked for a couple hours on the sweater I was knitting after I finished sewing the week hours of this morning, go those scones made (and have eaten a fair share of them) 🙂 and started on a new project which I’d be much farther along on if I hadn’t had to spend time searching down the design, then redrawing it, and goofing up some cutting.  Even managed to take care of some laundry so I have clothes to wear this week.  Read some of the new book I bought and went through the quilt magazines too so all in all a relaxing weekend except for self imposed frustartion that I kept cutting things wrong on this quilt which should have been so easy to make. 🙂

Here’s the design I was fiddling on this afternoon.  It was really boring with the blocks in straight sets but I like the design it makes when turned on point and blocks  rotated – reminds me of stamps.

Sunday Stashbusting report

It’s been a productive couple of days.  Between the little charity quilt I made this week and the Asian fabric themed quilt I’ve been working on and photos of yesterday, I’ve actually gotten in some sewing time (and not shopping time) so the totals have gone up.

This weekend I’ve used 8.5 yards with the progress on those two projects so far.   So totals year-to-date are  75 yards used, YTD purchased 29.5 yards, so Net used from the stash 45.75 yards.  (Tho I will admit I do have a b it of an itch to do a little fabric shopping but so far just haven’t had time to get to the shop) 🙂  But thanks to the lovely stash accumulation, when I went looking for one more block framing  fabric to go with the Asian fabrics I’m using, I was able to find one that went well so thank goodness for that stash!! 🙂

A couple people asked what fabrics I was using in the Asian screen quilt.  Here’s some better close ups of them and of course a plug for Hoffman Fabrics since all except one fabric in that project are from the Hanami line — one of the fabrics was this year’s Hoffman Challenge fabric.  🙂

I love the sort of spidery mum in the print and of course am partial to fabrics with gold glitz running through them.  So today I hope to get the pieces that join the blocks done and the vertical rows between.



It’s 2 a.m. and I finally just turned off the iron and sewing machine.  I managed to turn a very simple quilt into a struggle. LOL  These are just framed blocks so far – they should not have been that difficult but other than cutting one fabric incorrectly (which I was able to use in the end after I redrew the blocks to accommodate it) the main problem was other than the gold fabric (which is all glitzy gold but looks rather dull in the photo) which came from the stash, the rest I only had a half yard of.

And a half yard just doesn’t cut it (no pun intended) when you want to cut four 12″ blocks. 🙂  And especially when they need to be fussy cut a bit.  So there was much sitting and staring at it and rethinking which fabric should go where.  So in the end I put in the corner blocks using one of the prints I had used to frame another block.  Not my original plan but I really didint’ feel like ordering more fabric and waiting for it.  So hopefully I can keep myself on the straight an narrow when I got to add the sashing pieces between and the vertical rows between.

But time to go relax for a little while and knit before I decide to head off to bed.