and after finding it….

It” being the design I was search for in previous post, I promptly screwed it up! ūüė¶¬† The first fabric I cut I cut all the pieces the size I had drawn them so no seam allowances on them. Drat and of course I only had the 1/2 yard of that fabric.¬† So redrew the size of the blocks to fit what I had cut, took a dinner break for a while, and printed out all the new block info and will see if I can get it to work now.

Also in the meantime, since I needed the design wall to put the new blocks up on as I make them, I quickly stitched the blocks that were up there into a top and added the borders to it. 

The top and bottom borders are different sections of a border stripe fabric because I hadn’t realized I had already used some of those stripe sections for something else so didn’t have enough of the same repeat to do all four sides.¬† But it all worked and it’s in the charity quilt top pile to quilt.¬† Found a great backing for it in the stash too.¬† Here’s the completed top.

And here’s this morning’s breakfast – orange craisin scones.¬† They are delicious.

For those who asked for the recipe – see below.¬† Omit craisins and add chocolate chips for a yummy treat or a friend mentioned pecans and I think orange pecan would also be really good.¬† Going to have to pick up some nuts next time I’m at the store to try them.

2-2/3 c flour, 1/3 c sugar, 2 tsp. baking power, 1/2 tsp salt.  Mix all those together in a bowl.
Cut in 1/2 cup chilled butter with pastry blender until crumbly.
Take one orange and zest it – I took the zest off the whole thing just be sure not to go to deep with the grater so you don’t get the white bit just the very outer layer.¬† Dump that into the flour mixture and mix around so it’s not all in a clump.¬† Add about a cup (if you want them nice and fruity or chocolatey) of choc. chips or dried cranberries, nuts — whatever.¬† (I just remembered I’ve got dried apricots in the cupboard so may have to try those next time).
Then squeeze the juice out of the orange into a separate bowl.
Now take two large eggs and dump them in a 1 cup measure cup and mix them up a bit.¬† Then put 2 tablespoons milk in with them.¬† Then add your orange juice into it.¬† I didn’t use real exacting measurements – one time I used medium eggs, this time large, one time 3 TBL milk because I didn’t have enough orange juice¬† — ¬†but what you want to end up with is the eggs in the 1 cup measure and then enough liquid (between the orange juice and the milk) to fill the rest of the 1 cup measure¬†to the top.¬†¬†
Mix it in until just blended – it will be a rather sticky dough.¬† Then I dump it out onto a sheet of wax paper (so I don’t have to clean up the counter).¬† You may need to add a bit more flour if too sticky.¬† You just sort of fold it over on itself a couple times (don’t knead too vigorously or they will get tough).¬† Pat out into a large circle about an 1″ thick.¬† I found a pizza cutter or a metal spatula works better than a knife to cut it into pieces by just sort of chopping down on it rather that trying to run a knife through from end to end.¬† I cut it into squares – they are easier to separate and put on the pan than wedges.¬† I used my baking stone so I didn’t have to grease it but if you are using a regular baking sheet – grease it first.¬† Place pieces slightly apart on pan.¬† Take one egg white and a tsp of water and mix together and brush on top of scones.¬†
Bake at 425 degrees for about 20-23 minutes.¬† Then try to wait for them to cool so you don’t burn your mouth or fingers before eating!

Now to see if I can get back to sewing and do it correctly this time!


Eureka! I found it.

After much more searching than I planned to do – but it was really bugging me that I couldn’t find it so I persisted – I found the design I was looking for.¬† Ignore the fabrics – I just randomly colored it in but they look nothing like what I’m using.¬† I’ve got a bunch of coordinates to the Hoffman Challenge fabric for this year, and I think actually do have a piece of the actual challenge fabric but didn’t realize that was what it was until after I bought it.¬† Anyway, there are some really large prints so I wanted something where I didn’t have to cut them up much and remembered this file.¬† I putzed with it a bit and added the borders but don’t know that I’ll do the borders – they aren’t working out the way I want.¬†¬†So I’m going to work on the center and then decide what to do from there since I don’t know that I want a project as big as the added borders make it.¬† It reminds me of those folding screens.

The cutting instructions are printing so I can get to some cutting and sewing before the whole day escapes me!


PJ Weekend sewing

Today is one of our PJ weekend sewing weekends on The Quilting Post – a weekend set aside to hopefully have many of us sewing and sharing what we are working on —¬† I’m being lazy and haven’t gotten dressed yet so PJs it is.¬† Not too lazy tho since a batch of scones just came out of the oven.¬† I’ll get the recipe posted later today or tomorrow — I’ve got some sewing to get to.

Acutally in the midst of writing this I got lost for a while searching for an EQ file.¬† It was one I thought I might start sewing today – one of the patterns choices I did for Hoffman Fabrics but we chose a different design instead.¬†But drat, I may have deleted it so am now searching through cds (which of course aren’t labeled), thumb drive and backup disks.¬† Someone really needs to label all that stuff!¬† So I’ll search a little longer and just work on something else if I can’t find it.¬†¬† In the meantime tho, I found the block back that I had planned to use for the May Year of Wallhanging design so added a few final adjustments to that so I can start writing up the directions.

Here’s the sneak peak of Bloomin’ Butterflies.

Now back to my search for that elusive file.¬† I’ve got a stack of oriental fabics I think it would be great for if I could just find the darn thing rather than having to redraw it.