Time flies

whenever I open up EQ to play.  Several hours have now passed and no wonder I’m hungry – it’s nearly 10 p.m.  But first to show you what I’ve been playing with.

   I started out with this block, which admittedly doesn’t look like much.  But it’s fun to see what happens when you set them into a quilt, turn some, flip flop others, recolor bits — hence all the time passing while I played  with this design.  Flip some more, stare at it a bit, recolor again – you get the idea.

Anyway, here’s what it ended up like so far.  I like it in general but it still needs a bit of work.

but time to go grab a snack and call it quits for tonight.  I’ve got some knitting I wanted to get to.  I just have to finish binding off the top of the back of the sweater I’m working on so I can start on the front.


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