Stashbusting Sunday

First and most importantly,

 Happy Mother’s day to my Mom!

The sun is shining here and the birds are singing so it’s a very nice day here in the mid 60’s – especially nice to see the sun since rain is predicted for most of the rest of the week.  In Arizona – Mom is probably having a very hot day and wishing for some of our rain.

As for the stashbusting report — not much added to it this week.  3/4 yards used for binding and framing strips.   But nothing purchased either.  Hopefully I’ll be adding some backings on to next week’s progress and get another top or two layered.

However, I did manage to get three baggies of leftover blocks busted out of the UFO boxes and combined into a top so that was good–just didn’t require much other fabric added to it other than a couple framing strips. 

Here’s the combination of the batik Kats, the framed bricks and the framed triangles.  I think 4 years or so sitting in the stash was long enough for them.  So all the Kats were used, all except about 5 or 6 bricks and 7  triangles were left over.    I just need to attach the triangle borders to the sides of the quilt and then I think I’ll call that one done – leaving the angled corners.   I did keep 6 of the triangles and made this little piece..

  Don’t know what I’ll do with it – potholder, candle mat or table center piece, or maybe just a little wallhanging that will go on my office cubicle wall.  Who knows – but the rest of the left over blocks have hit the waste basket.


And check these out – I’m waiting for them to cool to see if I’ve perfected my chocolate chip/orange scone recipe.  I used mini chips this time instead of chocolate chunks — much easier to quickly fold them in tho I may have got a bit carried away with how many I added — but they’re little chips right??

Time to get to some sewing — get those borders attached and then maybe dig through the UFO baggies again to see what I can come up with next — oh yes, and refill my coffee cup and taste test those scones! 🙂



8 comments on “Stashbusting Sunday

    • Thanks Betsy. I may have to contemplate actually making one similar to it. I love tulips.

    • Thanks – but too much fabric is much better for me – less fattening than too much chocolate. LOL

  1. Those scones sure do look delicious. Would you be so kind to share the recipe, please.

  2. love both KAT projects. This quilt is a good combo of extra blocks. The topper is purr-fect! . I soooo need to get the last of my blocks set into something useful. That’s a project for another day…maybe one that includes WWanda to help me sew 🙂

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