More Kats

 I went digging in the UFO boxes again and found some blocks left over from a swap that I had already made one project out of (not the ones shown here).    I didn’t want just plain old sashed blocks so added corner triangles of different sizes depending on the  center block design – thinking they would look sort of like skewed shoofly blocks when I added sashing and cornerstones in between.  The results – one terrifically ugly little wallhanging which is now in the trash!!  I’m defnintely not wasting any more time on it. 

So back in the swap box, and found these – yes one more baggie of Kats — I think this was the “bright” Kats swap.    So now to decide how I want to set these together so I don’t come up with another ugly project. 🙂  These I think will be a table topper short of thing  – kats set around a single fabric piece in the center – depending on what I find in the stash.


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