Indecision, indecision…..

Well this should have posted earlier this afternoon – don’t know what happened to it but I’ll try again. 🙂

 I just can decide what to work on.  So in the meantime cleaned up the kitchen.  Have bindings to hand stitch but that I’ll save for the evenings.  There’s still Louisiana blocks on the design wall but I haven’t figured out my plan of attack for those yet.  Plus I think I’m missing one or two of the blocks I had made so needed to search for those.

Should I layer a quilt? Looked at a few of those but not in the mood.  So decided I’d just pull out the top UFO box and find something in there to work on.  Many choices but I decided to pull out three baggies containing these.

These were left over from a project I made after we did a year long batik fat quarter swap on the The Quilting Post.  Each month had a  different color theme of fqs to swapped and then at the end I gave them a project.  These were used as background blocks of the project. Must have been 2007 I think,  so these extras have been hanging around  for quite a while.  Occasionally a few of them have ended up in other projects but there’s still a stack to use up.

  This is the project the framed bricks were originally created for.  The daisy would have looked better if it were black like a silouhette but you know what they say about hindsight. 🙂

About the same time, since I liked the framed bricks, I decided to try framed triangles.  There is a baggie of these left over from that project.

I also drew up at that time a quilt using framed hexagons — thank goodness I haven’t made any of those yet or I’d have more to try to use up!  But they are still on my lisgt of things to do since I have a quilt drawn out some where for them.

Here’s what the triangles are left over from — Triangulated Tulip. (Good grief – even years ago I was naming things with words that started with the case letters.) LOL

This is one of my favorites.  Love the irregular shape – wasn’t sure it would work and not droop and binding the inny and outie corners was interesting but it all worked out perfectly.  My parents have this one now I think.

And then I also pulled out these.  Kitties from a series of Kats swaps on TQP.  These of course were the batik and Kona black round.  There are eighteen Kats — some face right and some face left.   And tho they are a bit shorter in length, they are the same width as the framed bricks.

So now to come up with something.

Later….. well I got sidetracked before finishing this post.  I’ve now been to the grocery store and had some lunch (belated breakfast really) and got back to the sewing room.

I’ve laid out all the kats in rows.  I may still move one or two around – and some of the bricks laid out.  I’m going to stitch rows first and then decide where I go from there.

Oh, and what else did I find in that UFO box — this little strawberry that should have been in the Louisiana swap block group – it’s  one I made.  So I have to make sure I don’t have any other strays that are hiding somewhere.


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  1. Busy woman! My batiks have found their way into many projects although I still have the instructions (somewhere) for the daisy. Now, I know I saw the Louisiana blocks somewhere……..

  2. That read like some of the days I have in the studio: bounding from one thing to another and not really getting anything done. But I do love your leftovers.

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