Frozen Delights

The icecream man cometh — or at least today for the first time I heard the music from his truck.  He must have been in the cul-du-sac behind me since I don’t normally hear him from the main road.  But truly, that little song his truck plays gets really annoying when you’ve heard it for the tenth time.   I used to love those orange Push-ups until I had my tonsils out and ate too much orange sherbert so now can’t stand them.  But it got me thinking fudgesicles – my favorite – and I had EQ open, so rather than stitching down my bindings I’ve been putzing with this.  It will make a really good kids quilt when I finally get to making it.


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14 comments on “Frozen Delights

  1. I love it!!! It just screams lazy hazy days of summer….. don’t suppose we can get you to offer it up as an EQ file *wink,wink*
    Makes me want a treat just looking at it.

  2. The quilt pattern is wonderful!!! Is there any chance you could share it with us??? Please, pretty please?

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