Cupcakes Quilted


It got layered and quilted and just needs the binding (the orange around the edge ) pinned to the back and some hand stitching.  I just did an overall meander in a light yellow thread over the center — to make sure any edges that didn’t get appliqued down tight are secured.  And a circlique in the border similar to the print in orange.

The backing has the large cupcake with a label with info on what the quilt was made for and I’ll have everyone who made a block sign the top of the cupcake – pink ribbon fabric since it’s a Komen fundraiser.  The fabric through the center was leftovers from a prior year’s Komen Fund quilt and had all the right colors to go with the cupcake print.

And just for a little more eye candy –  look at the Crocus Clusters quilt made by Janet P.  It turned out beautiful.  Her daughter, who will be the recipient, helped pick out the colors.  One lucky daughter to receive such a beauty.


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  1. The cupcakes look yummy. Hope it brings in a good $ at the auction.

    Janet your Crocus Clusters is beautiful. Another one for me to add to my “To do list”. Great pattern Denise.

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