Frozen Delights

The icecream man cometh — or at least today for the first time I heard the music from his truck.  He must have been in the cul-du-sac behind me since I don’t normally hear him from the main road.  But truly, that little song his truck plays gets really annoying when you’ve heard it for the tenth time.   I used to love those orange Push-ups until I had my tonsils out and ate too much orange sherbert so now can’t stand them.  But it got me thinking fudgesicles – my favorite – and I had EQ open, so rather than stitching down my bindings I’ve been putzing with this.  It will make a really good kids quilt when I finally get to making it.


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Cupcakes Quilted


It got layered and quilted and just needs the binding (the orange around the edge ) pinned to the back and some hand stitching.  I just did an overall meander in a light yellow thread over the center — to make sure any edges that didn’t get appliqued down tight are secured.  And a circlique in the border similar to the print in orange.

The backing has the large cupcake with a label with info on what the quilt was made for and I’ll have everyone who made a block sign the top of the cupcake – pink ribbon fabric since it’s a Komen fundraiser.  The fabric through the center was leftovers from a prior year’s Komen Fund quilt and had all the right colors to go with the cupcake print.

And just for a little more eye candy –  look at the Crocus Clusters quilt made by Janet P.  It turned out beautiful.  Her daughter, who will be the recipient, helped pick out the colors.  One lucky daughter to receive such a beauty.


Stashbusting Report

Today’s totals, thanks to getting the cupcake top put together yesterday and getting the backing cut, which I just need to piece yet, are:

Fabric used YTD 65.75 yards, fabric purchased YTD 29.25 yards; net busted from the stash 36.5 yards.  I looked back at last year at this time – I had busted about twice as much (and had bought about twice as much). 🙂  Need to get these auction quilts done and move on to other projects.

Today’s play is to get the cupcake quilt layered and perhaps another top or two layered if I don’t lose enthusiasum for pin basting.

These should give me a little energy tho…

Orange Chocolate Chunk Scones.  The coffee shop I frequent has them and I decided I needed to figure out how to make them myself.   I tasted onen (still really not) and they are good – sort of crisp outside and tender inside but not enough orange flavor so will have to play with the ingredients a bit more.   I need to pump up the orange flavor a bit more to get them how I want them but these are pretty tasty nonetheless — how could they not be with those chocolate chunks inside. 🙂

The high winds are back today but hey there’s sunshine so at least it looks nice outside and the last two relatively warmer days have popped some tiny leaves out on the tree branches.  The dandelions don’t seem to mind the cooler weather since they’ve popped out in ernest, even tho it’s still in the 30s at night.

Now for a fresh cup of cofee and scone and then on to quilt backings.