Center is finished

After a short break, went back to machine quilting.  The center is completed, just the two borders left to work on tomorrow.  But why is it when you only have a little left, you of course run out of bobbin thread and it was the last one I had prewound. 🙂  With only about an eight inch square of space left to quilt, no bobbin thread left.  But got it finished and need to wind a few more before I start on the borders.

While I was taking a break, I did get the April Showers wallhanging all fused.  I like it but it’s sort of drab in color – but that’s how our days have been here lately so I guess it does depict a rainy day.  I have some other fabrics set aside to make a brighter colored  – but I may enlarge the pattern first to use as the center of a child’s quilt.  On this one tho, I plan to fussy cut some of the circular designs in the umbrella fabric to use for the center of the flowers along the bottom.

But enough sewing for one day or my wrists will really be complaining besides the quilting elves never made me dinner so I’ve got to go find something to eat since it’s going on 9 p.m. — no wonder I’m getting hungry.



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  1. You’ve been busy today! I am pulling fabrics for my April one. I wouldn’t have thought of a mud puddle! Running out of bobbin thread just at the end is what I seem to do the best. I think you should fire your quilting fairies…….

    • I have fired the quilting fairies – definitely not doing their job. 🙂 Mud puddle or rain puddle – either one works. I had a really neat cobblestone looking fabric I was going to put the mud puddle on rather than grassy print but there wasn’t enough of it.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog/sewing stories, especially the funnies you sometimes say – such as “quilting elves.” Thank you for inspiring us with your wit. :0)

    • You mean you don’t have quilting elves at your house?? Just as well – they’ve proven themselves useless around here. 🙂

  3. Denise, if you think the color is too drab, why not change her rain boots to a pretty soft red?

    Doro in TX

    • I had thought about making the boots fuschia to match the color in the umbrella but didn’t have anything the right shade. It think it’s actually the background I don’t like as much – would prefer something plain – but just had to use that rainrop print for this one. Next one will have plain background and much brighter colors.

  4. Wow you sure got a lot done today since you aren’t feeling that well. Must be the nyquil hehehe.
    Think I will go thru my stash and pick out the April fabric tomorrow, if time allows. DH is off tomorrow so will have to see what he has planned.
    The last couple days I have been busy prepping my applique for March and April Granny blocks. They are now ready to stitch. I am doing them using the freezer paper and starch method. Seem to be having better luck with that. Also have the Lions and lambs almost done.
    Well it is bedtime. Been up since 4:30am and been running errands all day. Need sleep!!!!

    • Just can’t be wasting too much of my precious weekend sewing time even if I’m not feeling great. Tho today, I’m feeling pretty good even without the Dayquil dopey yet hyperactive feeling. 🙂 I’ve got some fabrics set aside for my second version of April Showers but need to decide how big I want to make it since I plan to enlarge the center block on that one.

  5. Denise!!!
    April Showers is darling!!! Wow! You can do more in one day, (and do it well), than anyone I know.
    Have a Blessed Easter, and thank you for all you fo for us! :))

    • I don’t know about doing it better but since my main quilting time is on the weekends, I do try to squeeze every hour out of them.

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