I thought I’d try one more time and cooperated.  Janice’s Nursey Quilt EQ7 file is now available.  You’ll find the link to download the EQ file in the right sidebar under the EQ7 2011 page.  Enjoy!



And the cupcakes continue to shrink

   More cupcakes made yesterday – the three large ones to go in my swap pile and then I tried a couple of the itty bitty ones.  They will finish to 2″ square   and will make a cute little wallhanging.  They’re not too bad to make tho I’ve got a lopsided frosted cupcake or two since I was just eyeballing the placement of the icing.  The baker must have been having an off day. 🙂

Also check out the YOW page for projects made by blog readers.  I just added Sheila’s March – In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamp  picture.  She made the name and ears 3-D and it turned out very cute!


Check this out

Janice Dowdeswell had emailed me asking if she could use the two Baxter Bear blocks in the EQ downloads for a project for her quilt club in Wanganui, New Zealand (and I said yes).  Here’s the project she put together using those blocks and adding more to  them .  It is absolutely adorable.

So bright and cheery!  What child (or a new Mom) wouldn’t love to receive this.   She sent me the EQ7  file so I could post it to be shared with other EQ7 users for download. 

However, is not cooperating again with letting me mark it to be shared.  I’ll check it again later in the week to see if they have fixed the problem.  If not, I’ll have to switch to a different file sharing site since they seem to be having ongoing problems which is driving me nuts.

I’ll post a note when I’m able to get it accessible to everyone with EQ7.

I hope your project is a big success Janice. Thanks for sharing.