Sunday progress

Whew! that was a job well done.  I finally finished cutting all the backing squares and cupcake pieces for the project at the office.  Bottoms of the cupcakes are all pinned on the background so everyone can simply start stitching.

 Here’s all my cupcake tops ready to go.

And here’s what I’m left with.  Couldn’t possibly have cut off the piece I need and immediately folded the fabric right up.  No.  Cut piece, toss rest of fabric on couch and deal with it later. 🙂  So I’ve got some fabric folding to do.

While I was at it I cut out a few more swap blocks for me, some more mini ones and also bite size – the bit size will finish to 2″ blocks – for a wallhanging.  So now I have a nice pile of pieces all ready to keep me occupied in the evenings.

Here’s the border layout I’m thinking of doing for the auction quilt.  Don’t know what colors I’ll use and I’ll have to see if I can get all the mini cupcakes made I added into the sashing – they’ll all have the save icing fabric on them – if I can find something I like.



Stashbusting report

Not too bad this week – 5 yards used so grand totals are 51.25 used YTD, 29.25 purchased, net busted 22.   Those totals don’t count the fabric purchased yesterday for the gals at work to make their blocks for the auction quilt since it’s being cut up today for them to get started.

Hopefully next week will be even better since I need to get some backings ready to start layering a couple projects.

Here’s the cupcake collection done so far for the block swap.


Only the one on the upper right is trimmed to size so far.  Need to get the rest of them trimmed yet.  Just one more to go and I’ll have my Baker’s Dozen for the block swap and then can work on ones I want to keep just for me. 🙂

And here’s some of the mini cupcakes for a little wallhanging I started making yesterday.  These I did on an off white background – they’re cute but I like the bright colors against white better so will probably make on tiny wallhanging of just six blocks (one more to make to go with these) and then make a little larger wallhanging of them on white.

Here’s the size comparison.  The block on the left is the swap block size – cut 8.5″ and the minis are 4.5″.  I may make some even smaller – maybe 2.5″ square –  to mix two sizes of the mini ones in a wallhanging.

So now to find something to eat and then get back to cutting out cupcakes.  I never got around to eating dinner last night so I’m starving.  And I’m already looking forward to dinner – stuffed pork chops and pineapple casserole  and fresh asparagus – YUM as Julie Andrews would say — a few of my two favorite things! 🙂