Cupcakes and more Cupcakes

Here’s the blocks I finished last night.  Three more done.  Need to cut out some more tonight for me to work on.  I believe there’s now a dozen swappers signed up so far.

And then I came up with a brilliant plan which means I’ll be cutting out a couple dozen more this weekend.   I usually make two quilted projects for the By Women For Women Golf Outing auction to raise money for the Komen Fund.  I’ve got the Woven Ribbons quilt top done as one project and just need to get it layered and quilted.  Usually one of the quilted things is just more “fun” — in the past there was one of Loralie golf ladies fabrics, another was her fabric design of cancer survivors – bodacious babes in hats and scarfs and bald heads looking lovely, another was bra fabric – brightly colored wild bras printed all over it.  So I thought the cupcake blocks might make a cute 2nd project for the auction.  And part of that plan was to see if any of the coworkers wanted to help make the blocks so it is a project donated by the members of the firm.  The blocks are simple to make and I’m going to cut all the pieces so they are ready to go, bring in the thread stash and needles and let whoever wants, make a block for the quilt.

I emailed everyone at work about my plan and told them even if the don’t sew, I’ll teach them how to do the freeer paper underneath method I use which they should have success with.  So next week we’re going to get together over the noon hour and get started.  The response was great – by the time I left today, 20 people had signed up to join in and they are very excited about participating and even tho some of the nonsewers are a bit apprehensive they are willing to jump in.  Plus as a reward for their hard work, once I get all the completed blocks, I’ll put the quilt together and when I bring it back in finished to unveil to them, I’ll bring along the real eating kind of cupcakes for a job well done.  One coworker who is a great baker offered right away to help bake cupcakes too – a great group of gals.  So I’m looking forward to getting them started and will be busy this weekend cutting background squares and cupcake pieces from the stash to get them started.