Stashbusting report

Some progress made this week.  4 yards used this week so YTD 44 used; 29.25 purchased and net used 14.75.

I did finally get to some sewing today but was puttering along on it.

 The lighter fabric in the border was an ombre so I was putzing with arranging the shades the way I wanted – lightest in the upper left corner and then darker continuing from there until it’s back to the sort of medium color in the lower right.  It looked beter than having the shades all random.  Tho that headless lion looks a bit odd at the moment. 🙂  The day has gotten away from me so the cupcake quilt will have to wait – still debating on what borders I want for that one.



Sunday Stuff

Heck -it’s already noon and I haven’t gotten to the sewing yet.  But some additional cleaning has been done, went for a short walk (the sun is shining and hey it’s at least upper 30s maybe even 40 out there so heatwave).  Refilled the bird feeders outside so the cardinals are happy.  So after I find something to eat and mix up a batch of banana chocolate chip muffins. 😉 I think I’ll pull the cupcake quilt back out and also want to make the borders for the March wallhanging so I’d better get cracking.


How time flies

which reminds me – I need to go switch the clocks so it flies even more. 😉  But I spent most of the afternoon sitting and knitting with the new yarns I got this morning.  I’ve been knitting socks mostly, or scarfs out of sock yarn, so heck this new yarn seems really bulky and it’s really just aran/worsted weight.  But look at the size of that yarn ball.

  The one on the left is sock yarn and has twice the yardage a on it as the one on the right but thought my wrist was going to fall off turning the handle on the ball winder for three hanks of that heavier yarn – the balls were nearly too big for the winder.

But I found a very simple rectangular shawl that I started.  Then ripped out because I didn’t like the needle size the pattern said to use – make it feel too stiff – so ripped it out and went up several needle sizes and like it much better.

Here’s a portion of it – very simple lacy pattern with seed stitch edging all around.   Only another 55 inches or so to go. 🙂    But about 9 p.m. I decided I really couldn’t stand all the clutter in the living room and kitchen so started cleaning.  I can see the couch – previously used as the catch all for coats mittens magazines, purchases from shopping excursion that hadn’t gotten put away, fabric holder …. sheesh what a mess.  And what ever didn’t end up there was on the breakfast bar – which I can now see the top of too.  There’s still a bit to do but it’s much better thank goodness.  But now that it’s 1 a.m I’m thinking more knitting and maybe a latte are in order.  I’ll save the vacuuming until tomorrow.

I didn’t get to any sewing today, but I’m hoping to get the cupcake top all together tomorrow (or should I say “today”).


Good golly – Granny’s Hankie

I don’t know why I’m amazed when people demand things of me that they have no right to demand. I must have deleted a dozen comments waiting approval that were quite nasty about why did I load the file to media fire and telling me I needed to load it to like the others were or email the file to them.   Letting me know there is a problem with the download is one thing, I’m happy to check to see if there’s a problem I can fix — but these went far beyond that — hence their deletion.

First, I don’t change things that are working just for the sheer fun of it.  So you can surmise that there must have been a problem with and that’s why the file was loaded somewhere else.  I tried for over two hours to get into last night – it wasn’t working  and I wasn’t going to waste any more of my time with it.

Second, demanding anything, well I won’t even go there. 🙂 

Re Media fire – you do not need to sign up to access the file. I believe their site does come up with sign up info because they are marketing their service; it also comes up with ads on it — it’s a free service and that’s how they cover costs.   For me, it takes a little longer for their download box to pop up – I don’t know if that’s the norm or if it’s just because I’m on dial up.  I’ve heard from others who had no problems downloading the file.  As with any download, it if doesn’t act the way you think it should – try later.  The media fire file had been downloaded over 1,500 times already – that was in about a seven hour time period.  I’m guessing that the high amount of traffic  is why it may have been acting hinky for some of you.  If the bandwidth is exceeded in a certain time period – it won’t let you access the file at that time so you have to try later.  My suggestion – don’t try downloading the file the first day it is available when there’s the highest amount of traffic.

In any event,, after fiddling for another 45 minutes finally straightened itself out and let me in tonight so I have loaded the file there.   If gets uncooperative with me in the future, I may again have to load the files to a different file sharing site.  I’m not going to waste literally hours of my time trying to load a file that should take less than five minutes to do.