Sunday’s progress

The borders are finally on Woven Ribbons.   

In the middle of doing those, I was  obsessing over a piece of fabric I wanted for the last bit of applique I had to add to a  differet quilt block.  I knew the fabric I thought would be perfect and surely there had to be a piece of it left in either the stash or the  in the scrap storage drawers.

Checked the stash first – no such luck.  Went through the three scrap drawers – nope.  Went back to work on the borders.  There has to be a  piece in those scrap drawers – I must have just missed it, so dug through them again.  Nope.  Back to the borders.  What about in the storage tub that holds the christmas quilts in progress (the fabric is a gold glitz tone on tone and I’ve used it in a couple christmas projects).  Of course, the storage tub I need is at the bottom of the stack in the farthest reaches of the closet.  Pull them all out and not in the storage tub.  Check the other ones just for good measure.  Not in any.  One last check in the scrap drawers – this time dumping the whole kit and kaboodle out on the floor of the sewing room.  Nope, still didn’t make a little 1.5″ square of fabric show up anywhere.  I have offically given up, after destroying the entire sewing room (even tho I know once I use a different piece of fabric the one I want  will probably materialize [no pun intended] somewhere.  And as for those scraps on the floor — they have let me down.  They may all just get dumped into a garbage bag and hit the dumpster now that I’ve made a total mess out of them.  I personally don’t even like to make scrap quilts. 🙂

So now that it’s taken three times as long as it should have to get two border rounds on a quilt, I think I shall make myself a latte (yeah like I need more caffine), move the storage tubs off to the side so I can get at the stash again, and I will search for border fabric for Just Butterflies. 

(oh yeah – I broke one of the plastic tubs – it is jam packed with quilt tops that I need to quilt and the tub slipped and hit the floor so I need to replace that one). 😉



7 comments on “Sunday’s progress

  1. The woven ribbons turned out beautiful. So soft and inviting looking. The border is awesome.
    I am always misplacing things and tearing everything apart trying to find it. My problem is the stuff never all seems to fit back where it was before so my sewing room just keeps getting more cluttered each day. One of these days I really do need to straighten up the mess. Most of my fabric totes I can’t even get too. So the last few months, if I need a certain piece of fabric, I head to the fabric stores and hopefully find what I need.
    Tomorrow I head to Quiltfest for 4 wonderful days of admiring quilts and shopping at all the vendors. Am hoping to find border fabric for the Poinsettia quilt and the perfect flannels for the Braided Flannel Knots.Wish me luck!!!!! I can’t wait. Four glorious days in a hotel room with my sewing and fabric,notions and books just a couple blocks away. Sounds like heaven. 🙂

  2. I know that I have done the same thing, and recently, too. I found mine but it was hiding in plain site, sort of. Not somewhere I would have looked but just happened to walk past and there it was! Of course, I don’t *have* a system for storing fabric so that was pure luck! lol

    • Clearly a “system” is not all it’s cracked up to be since my scrap system is laying all over the floor and is shortly headed to the trash. LOL

    • I’m going to have to get a photo of it outside at some point so the true colors show – they are even prettier in person.

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