Whew – a busy week and with all the goings on outside at the Capitol — today a base drum and snares could be heard as they marched – I’m glad for the peace and quiet at home. No exciting plans for the weekend other than breakfast out with a friend and a trip to the grocery store. Then the rest of the time to spend quilting and knitting.

Tonight I’m going to get those HSTs, which I ended up being too lazy to square up last night, finished and maybe sew a bit after that since I really want to be able to start setting those quilt blocks together tomorrow. I need to get some sewing down to try to counteract that box of fabric that arrived and needs to be added to the stashbusting (or in this case stash enhancing) report this weekend. 🙂

I also hope to get the last of the applique done on Wacky Hearts – I’ve got a wacky heart and a half left to stitch down before that top is done. And also need to get the fabrics pulled for the February Granny’s Hankie block so I can get those ready to stitch down.

Then there is these which I also want to get finished this weekend.

 They are both at about the same point in finishing and shouldn’t take long.  The gray/blue one already has its mate done so another pair finished soon.

so off to those HSTs and get them trimmed.


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  1. I went back a few weeks in your blog, but did not find an answer to this question… Is the ‘loopy’ sock pattern that you are making the bright green and brown and white in your recent post your pattern or one from a book or another website? I think it would be fun to knit. I am obsessed with socks…I have just learned how to knit in January, and have already knit 5 pair. I can’t stop! I would love to try this pattern, but I’m not good enough yet, to just wing it!
    Thanks. I love your blog…I am also sewing Granny’s Hankies. I am a quilter, too!

      • Thanks so much. Sorry for asking again…I was not looking at the right place for the anwer. I like th eoriginal pattern, too, so I ordered that one. Then I’ll be able to play with it, too. I’m still new enough to not have enough confidence to ‘wing it’. Thanks for your help and for your Hanky bom patterns, too. You are a talented woman!

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