What’s new today??

Well, these are

  Some Bugga yarn I had been coveting and finally was able to get. Love the richness of the colors.  Yes, I wasn’t going to buy any more sock yarn but …. but, there’s always a but… Bugga you have to grab before it sells out – which is very quickly.  And what came in that package – this

A scratch off ticket and I won a $5 discount so now to send it in so it gets applied to my account and at some point I’m just going to have to spend it. :-)

More progress made on the current sock. In this photo you can see the little “dashes” of yarn where they loop across the front of pairs of stitches a little better.  I’m getting closer to being able to start that heel.


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6 comments on “What’s new today??

    • Yes but you KNOW that $5 discount will lead to more than $5 in purchases. :-) I’ve got a sock pattern that uses two different yarns – one solid looking and the other multicolor so the yarns alternate each stitch that I’ve been wanting to make so need to find some multicolor in the stash to match up to one of those Buggas.

  1. Denise,

    Have you used Bugga yet? Just curious what makes it so coveted. Right now, I have madelinetosh on the sock needles, which feels amazing. But I’ve heard about issues with it wearing quickly – so I am looking for alternatives….

    • I think I’ve used some Bugga Skinny which is a bit different than this recent stuff I bought. It’s coveted because of the great colors – dyed in little batches so they sell out quickly. The multicolored ones are absolutely lovely but an hour after they were restocked, they were all gone. But the colors are rich and it has some cashmere in it which I love.

    • Discounts are always good – but just a great lure to get me to buy lots more. $5 is good but that $50 discount would have been even better. :-)

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