Stashbusting and Superbowl Sunday Sewing

Updated – okay I just went back and looked at this post.  If the photos are blurry – it’s not your eyes going.  Do they all look blurry to you or is it just my computer?  Something is amiss here.  I think WordPress may be having an issue – I’m getting a different photo upload page which is acting wierd so now I have to try to figure out what the hecks the problem. 

No stashbusting to report today.  I’m working on projects in the works so nothing added and nothing to count yet.

If you plan to work on today’s Superbowl Sunday sewing project – Just Butterflies – the pdf file of the pattern is on its Page in the Weekend projects in the right sidebar.  It would be  great stashbuster since none of the yardage is more than 3/4 yards.

My verison I’m making is scrappier due to using a fat quarter bundle.  Here’s the completed blocks so far.  the rest are just awaiting their framing strips to be put on which is today’s project.

 I’m using framing fabrics around all my butterflies and then two different fabrics where the blocks will meet the sashing strip.  It’s a bit slow going to make sure I get all the fabrics spread around – especially since I had to take all the pieces off the design wall when the guys were here fixing the ceiling in my sewing room.  Luckily I took a photo of it all laid out on the wall so I have that to help lay it all out again.

Last night I was up sewing and watching movies to the week hours of the morning. I have to stop staying up until near sunrise!  But I’ve gotten the third large heart nearly all appliqued on the February Year of Wallhangings design.  Here’s my progress so far.

Now to bet busy and get that sewing machine humming.



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  1. Love the butterfly quilt and have downloaded the pattern. We have had lots of snow also and ice under that. I fed the squirrels today and walked on top of the snow because of the ice. Great sew days

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