Design Wall Monday

 Woven Ribbons is still up on the design wall from the weekend – awaiting it’s borders.  Those I hope to get on this week sometime.

I was digging in the knitting basket yesterday afternoon.  When I organized the yarn I put the various scarves, mittens and socks in progress in one basket so I can just pick one up and work on it when the mood strikes.

Yesterday afternoon I pulled out this scarf – which only had about an inch done  at that point.  But between last night and the bus ride to and from work, it’s grown about 12″.

The colors look a bit harsher than they are in real life (due to the lighting in my living room) they are a bit softer looking.  I love the colors in this yarn.  It’s a Lion Brand Yarn I picked up at a local shop called “Amazing” and the color is Regatta.  The pattern is  found at the SSYC blog  The pattern is written for sock yarn but what I’m using is heavier so I opted for the part of  the directions with few repeats/stitches across it.  I used the same size needles as called for in the pattern so since I’m using thicker yarn, it’s not quite as lacy looking as the original but I really like it.  It’s super easy with just one row of four where you have to remember the pattern stitch but after a repeat or two it’s easy to remember.  Another great project to work on while riding to and from work.



Sidetracked again

Has any sewing happened this afternoon.  No.  Once again I opened EQ since I was looking for a design file to sent to the EQ Gallery.  Didn’t find that one yet but easily became sidetracked when I came across a file of dog blocks (just their faces) that I had worked on years ago – several years ago since it was originally done in EQ5.  Other than the “Cricket” block (the imp of a Schnauzer I had) which is in the EQ downloads, I hadn’t done anything with the rest of them and they were forgotten. 

updated 3/3/11 — the images are gone from this post. But stay tuned for exciting news (at least I think so) about this design appearing in publication. 🙂

Sunday Stashbusting Report

I missed last week’s report due to the phone line not working – but it does make my report this week look a tad bit better since I got a box of fabric that would have been added in last week with no fabric used to sort of offset it.  This week, I at least have some fabric used for the Woven Ribbons quilt posted yesterday so I can offset a bit of those purchases. 🙂

So, 12.5 used this week, 9.5 added to the stash; net busted YTD 10.75 — so I’m still in the black!

I’ve been tweaking a bit this morning on the March Year of Wallhangings design that I posted yesterday.  I decided that one baby sheep looked lonely so gave him (or her) another little fluffy friend.  And played with a few other colors.  On the image posted yesterday, the lion’s mane sort of faded into his body due to the fabric colors, so I recolored him so you can see it better. 

 Also switched out the border fabrics to a more springy look. I like those border fabrics, they are Stonehenge – so may have to get some of those actual fabrics for my borders.  I’m also thinking that when I make my version of this one, I may face all the “mane” pieces rather than just applique them down so that they are 3-D on the quilt.  I think that would be really cute. 

Today’s plan, cut and add the Woven Ribbons quilt borders and also borders on Just Butterflies. 

After I finished sewing yesterday, I did move on to the knitting as planned.  Finished off the single sock I was working on and also finished the mate to another pair I had in progress.  The blue/gray socks may not exactly look like they came from the same yarn.  They look like they match much more in person than in the photo – they came from the ssame dye lot but were two different balls so each was started in a different spot in the yarn.  That darker blue  right toe – I ran out of yarn but had the same kind of yarn in a slightly different shade.  It works for me – they are my socks to wear in my boots too and from work since they are a bit thicker and warmer than my other sock yarns.

So when I finished off those socks a good movie was coming on tv and I had to stay up and watch it — just why do they put the movies I want to see on at 2 a.m.? At least it’s on the weekends.   So had to find something else to keep my hands busy while I watched the move.  Judy had recently mentioned she started the Easy Drop Stitch Scarf and I had mine sitting in the yarn basket in progress so pulled that out and added another 10″ or so it it.  It’s getting there – a ways to go to get it to the length I want but it’s really easy and the inches add up quickly.

so it was a very busy and very productive day.  Now to see what I can get accomplished today.

Oh and here’s the new fabrics that arrived.  The prints may be a bit too large for my original plan but I have a back up idea just in case 🙂





As you can see, I DID get off the computer and get to some sewing.  The main part of the top is now together and there’s just two borders I need to cut to add.  Those may wait until tomorrow tho since I need to find some dinner and there’s some new quilt magazines waiting to be looked at, a book I want to start, and some knitting to do in addition to a couple Saturday night shows I want to watch.


Best Laid Plans

so often don’t turn out the way they should have.  I had an idea for the March year of wallhangings design so I just through I’d try drawing part of it.  I should not open up EQ if I have other things to do. LOL  But now, a couple hours later, tho I still haven’t put the blocks on the design wall I want to sew together, I have got at least a prototype of the March wallhanging drawn.  Do not laugh at my sheep — I do not profess to be able to draw animals well. LOL  Tho I’m quite partial to the lion — maybe that’s because I’m a Leo.

So here is March, tho as usual I may tweak on it a bit yet.

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

I’m hoping the lamb thing comes earlier to our weather but I’m not holding my breath.


Saturday Stuff

It was a productive night last night.  Those HSTS were trimmed and the second set of blocks for Woven Ribbons are done.  I needed to lay out all the blocks on the design wall to get them turned the right way but Just Butterflies was still up there needed it’s sashing.

Here it is so far.  I pulled a light fabric for the sashing from the sashing and the cornerstones are one of the fat quarters from the bundle I hadn’t used yet.  I haven’t decided what I’ll do about the borders.  I may just put a plain light border on it unless I get ambitious and use all the left over fat quarter pieces to make some sort of scrappy border to add.  But I can take it off the design wall now without getting anything out of order so will wait to decide what to do till inspiration strikes.

Did I get either of the socks done – no but did get a few more rows on late last night – fell asleep in the chair watching a movie and woke up at 4 a.m. with a crick in my neck and needles still in my hands ready to stitch. 🙂  So crawled into bed for a couple hours and then was up to head out to breakfast with a friend.  Stopped by Barnes and Noble and downloaded to my Nook the new Jennifer Chiaverinni book along with several other quilty themed reads.  Fridge is restocked with groceries so now I can get back to sewing.  I hope to have the Woven Ribbons top ready for borders by the end of the day and my Feburary Granny’s Hankie block fabrics chosen and pieces ready to start appliquing.



Whew – a busy week and with all the goings on outside at the Capitol — today a base drum and snares could be heard as they marched – I’m glad for the peace and quiet at home. No exciting plans for the weekend other than breakfast out with a friend and a trip to the grocery store. Then the rest of the time to spend quilting and knitting.

Tonight I’m going to get those HSTs, which I ended up being too lazy to square up last night, finished and maybe sew a bit after that since I really want to be able to start setting those quilt blocks together tomorrow. I need to get some sewing down to try to counteract that box of fabric that arrived and needs to be added to the stashbusting (or in this case stash enhancing) report this weekend. 🙂

I also hope to get the last of the applique done on Wacky Hearts – I’ve got a wacky heart and a half left to stitch down before that top is done. And also need to get the fabrics pulled for the February Granny’s Hankie block so I can get those ready to stitch down.

Then there is these which I also want to get finished this weekend.

 They are both at about the same point in finishing and shouldn’t take long.  The gray/blue one already has its mate done so another pair finished soon.

so off to those HSTs and get them trimmed.

What’s new this Thursday

not a darn thing!  Busy at work and last night just sat and knit – a very relaxing evening.  That’s my plan for the rest of tonight too tho I may trim up some HSTs that are sitting here.  I’ve turned the heel on the sock I was working on so now can power knit down that foot.

Have you seen all the marchers around the Wisconsin State Capitol building on your news?  There were fewer of them today but I work right across the street so all day long for many days now I listen to the yelling and chanting and singing  – American Idol it is not.  Tho the person who must have been right outside our office close by that was blowing a referee’s whistle for hours one day — well we really did want to throttle that person. 🙂  But having an office right on the Square, we see lots of protests and marches for various topics.  Their numbers are slowly dwindling and the number of tv station satellite trucks have also gone down.  And tho I don’t want any political debate of it here – I just mentioned it because it has been a very intersting week or so, seeing groups coming and going, local and from far away, and pretty peaceful even when both sides of the issue were out there gathering.  Definitely an  interesting process to watch.

What’s new today??

Well, these are

  Some Bugga yarn I had been coveting and finally was able to get. Love the richness of the colors.  Yes, I wasn’t going to buy any more sock yarn but …. but, there’s always a but… Bugga you have to grab before it sells out – which is very quickly.  And what came in that package – this

A scratch off ticket and I won a $5 discount so now to send it in so it gets applied to my account and at some point I’m just going to have to spend it. 🙂

More progress made on the current sock. In this photo you can see the little “dashes” of yarn where they loop across the front of pairs of stitches a little better.  I’m getting closer to being able to start that heel.


February Pattern Reloaded

The February pattern – that Wacky Thing Called Love – is now reloaded. Sorry about that.  I nabbed the first one in the list I came to but it was the prior draft – sheesh – you’d think I’d never heard of spell check in that version.  If you every notice something in the directions that doesnt’ seem quite right – feel free to let me know.  While I do my best to make the patterns error free – after working on them for hours things can start to look right that aren’t.  If there are ever any corrections – they will be noted on the main page for that project and I will post a new blog entry.  So, if you subscribe to my blog, you will get notification in that post. If you don’t subscribe, you may wish to look back  later to the main page to see if any errors were found.   To find the pattern download – they are always right above my signature on the bottom of their respective pages and will say something like click HERE to get the pattern.  The word HERE is the links o click on that word.  Thanks!