Stashbusting Report 1/30/11

There was a bit of shopping last Sunday 😉 (yes it was fun)  and although the fabric  never really made it into the “stash”, I’m tracking what I purchase in relation to what I use, whether or not it gets used right away, and there will be some leftovers that end up in the stash anyway.

So the numbers are:  22.5, purchased 5.5, Net used:  17 yards.   

Here’s what I’ve been working on this weekend – and every last bit from the stash I might add. 🙂

  I decided to use all of those fabrics I posted yesterday from the fat quarter bundle so I have a very scrappy framing around my butterflies as opposed to the original pattern.  Note the oh so careful placement of the pieces on the wall – nice and straight and even???  Not!  It was about 2 a.m. and I was just trying to get colors/prints distributed evenly so some rather haphazard slapping on the wall.  I may still change a few frame sections before I get them alll sewn. But I took this photo so I remember how they were arranged.  I need to take them off the design wall today since there will be workmen in there tomorrow and they will surely get knocked off the wall.

I’ve gotten emails asking if the yardage will be posted ahead of time for this one.  Yes, but how far ahead  I don’t know – may not be until Saturday.  Check back on the Just Butterflies Page in the right sidebar later in the week.  There will be a link to it at the bottom of the page when it is available.

I’ve been knitting right along too – the sock I started Friday night now has the heel turned so I’m in the home stretch on it.  The colors are actually rather subdued and boring on this one compared to many other pairs I’ve made but I do like the feel of it.  As I was cleaning up around here, went to put a sock knitting book away and flipped through it and hmmm… another two colored sock – much simpler than the last one I made – that I just might have to dig through the stash to find some yarn to make them.

French onion soup needs making, laundry, finish some straightening up, empty the diswasher – I’d better get busy so that I can get back to some sewing or knitting.