What’s wrong with this picture?


I was just looking at this image from a prior post and noticed someting amiss.  Janet P – where was your eagle eye? 🙂

Notice that orangey flower in the top center…hmmm must be a mutant strain because where did that one purple petal on that flower come from?? 🙂  I’m going to have to fix that and then this is the final version that I’ll be writing the pattern up from.  I like it better with the wide plain border (the second one from the center) the same as the background fabric and just one fabric in each flower.  That doesn’t mean you can’t easily change that border to one of the other fabrics you are using or make your flowers with two shades of a color in each flower as the first more Christmassy image I posted included.  Or use more shades per flower for that matter.  Part of the fun of designing a quilt is seeing how each maker interprets it by bringing their own creativity to the project.

Now to decide what to work on tonight.  I’ve got a bit of applique to finish on the January Grannie’s Hankie block, and I’ve got my Feb. Year of Wallhanging design pinned to start appliquing on, and there’s a sock I’ve been knitting on to work on.

I’m hoping this weekend to get Percy Penguin quilted. He’s been patiently waiting his turn.  But I also have to make sure the sewing room is straighten up and everything is put away since next week the maintenance guys are finally coming to replace part of the ceiling in my sewing room where there was a water leak.   So I want to get as much  cleared out of their way as possible in case they have to replace drywall – that dust gets into everything.



5 comments on “What’s wrong with this picture?

    • Actually it’s not missing – you just can’t see it. The image must be a tad wider than the blog allows so it cut off the binding on that side.

  1. Evidently, I was asleep! Still a lovely quilt pattern and anxiously awaited by a lot of people, by the responses since you published it! Batiks are going to be awesome in this!

  2. Love both versions…but…think there should be a gold petal added to the goldflower next to the naughty purple petal…just my opinion of course…..greatjob as usual ……

  3. ITs funny i had noticed it but i was thinking you had a plan in mind so hey its always up to the maker anyway! I am thinking i need to take a class And i usually can understnad computer stuff but EQ7 has been a little bug….. and i don’t know why! Oh wait i know its called time! or LACK of.. but its ok i have plans for your beautiful poinsettia’s I have to work on my grandson’s 4 ft dragon first. he is all applique and was drawn out by hand! AKK!

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