Monday Design wall

Well it’s actually a design table rather than a wall since I’ve currently got the pieces laying in place to see if I liked the fabrics.  I found another fabric in the stash that has the same coloring as some of the fabrics I had bought so used that for the little heart blocks and will see if it will work for part of the ribbon border.  But I like the way it looks laid out so far.

I started working last night on the upcoming February Year of Wallhanging project.  Got my background for the center sewn and the little hearts pinned in place so I can start appliquing them.

But before I start appliquing on this one, I need to get the heart quilt for donation binding finished tonight.  The other Continous Chain donation quilt headed off in the mail today. 

 I did take that whole unruly pile of batiks I had pulled from their suitcase storage and they are all now folded or pieces to small to fold nicely have beeng baggied for the scrap drawers.  So one less mess.  Now I just have to find room in the stash shelves for them.

This sock is nearly finished off too.  Just a few more decrease rows for the toe and I can get started on it’s mate.  The colors have gone from what looks like dripping ice cream down the leg to just little splotches of color on the foot where there were more stitches.  Part of the fun of hand dyeds yarns is you never really know how they will look knitted up.